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Trans African Network Development (TANDEM)


Project description

National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) are organisations that oversee the development and provision of communication networks and supporting digital technologies and e-Infrastructure services at a national level.

NRENs are rapidly emerging in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and we have worked with many in developing new services and approaches. With the Ubuntunet Alliance (East and South SSA) and WACREN (West and Central Africa)) we have advanced the emergence of African NRENs and African e-Infrastructures and in turn has affected many research and education end users across Africa.

In the Tandem project (https://www.tandem-wacren.eu/) we worked with many stakeholders to develop a roadmap of service development for NRENs in the WACREN region (over 11 African countries are adopting this). The roadmap formally adopted several services development in our Sci-GaIA project (see the Sci-GaIA project page).


  • Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (Lead – France)
  • WACREN (West and Central Africa)
  • DANTE (UK)
  • RENATER (France)
  • CIRAD (France)
  • UBUNTUNET Alliance (South and East Africa)
  • Cooperaciòn Latino Americana des Redes Avanzadas (CLARA – Uruguay)


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