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Ultra Efficient Engines and Fuel


Project description

As part of an EPSRC consortium on the Ultra Efficient Engines and Fuels, at Brunel, we are exploring a novel integrated gasoline engine concept with potentially 40% fuel saving over a standard SI engine by combining air hybrid, stop/start, aggressive engine downsizing, and hybrid diluted combustion in a highly Boosted Uniflow Scavenged DI Gasoline (BUSDIG) engine. The proposed research will involve fundamental studies of the flow and combustion process, unsteady gas dynamics and aerodynamics, and research of air hybrid engine technologies. It will be accomplished by both thermodynamic analyses of engine and turbocharger performance and scientific studies of unsteady flow and combustion processes through advanced laser diagnostic and modelling techniques.

It will be the first time that such a novel and ambitious concept is examined based on accumulated research and industry needs. Successful outcomes from this project could lead to extensive collaboration with industrial partners so that the high effieicny and cost-effective engine technologies could be developed and incorporated into future engines and production vehicles.