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Using robots to teach the fundamentals of programming


Project description

Adopt-A-Bot teaches school pupils the fundamentals of programming, design and documentation, and does so with the help of a Finch robot, that can be programmed and adapted to a large array of scenarios and contexts. The project involves: 

  • Teams of pupils from London and international schools
  • Mixed ability class to be putting finches through their paces within minutes of set-up
  • Team-based challenges of four or five pupils in each team
  • Helps teenagers with great computer knowledge but also less developed social skills like integrating with their classmates
  • Adoptabot is carefully constructed so that all team members learn the basics of programming.

For pupils it offers a fun way to rapidly grasp what coding is about by controlling their own finch robot. Then Adoptabot allows them to develop their programming skills through team-working as they put a finch into a scenario of their own.

For teachers it offers a scalable, flexible, multi-year, platform that is easy to transport and suitable for mixed ability cohorts. Adoptabot does not tie you to using a particular language and as all programmes are held on PC, laptop or Mac, robots can be passed from class to class without time-consuming cache wiping.

For schools, the Adoptobots are cheap, tough and can be used by successive classes without needing to be tied down to ICT suites.