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Speed camera success based upon rigorous research

Positive research into the introduction of speed cameras has contributed to saving an estimated 6,000 people from death or injury on the UK’s roads since 2008.

A 1993/7 study, commissioned by the Department for Environment, Transport and the Regions (DETR) and conducted by Brunel’s Department of Law, surveyed 7,000 drivers on camera interventions and their impact.

It showed positive support for cameras and a general reduction in speed due to the existence of cameras, and was a vital factor in the subsequent decision to roll-out the system nationally.

In 2006, lead researcher Dr Claire Corbett began working in tandem with the Transport Research Laboratory to help understand the deterrent effect of speed cameras and of the motivations behind the behaviour of repeat offenders.

This research reinforced earlier findings and has contributed to an increase in speed camera installations country-wide. Estimates suggest that around 1,000 people are protected from serious injury or death every year because of the existence of speed cameras, with Europe, the USA and Canada now adopting this approach.