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The effects of AI on organisations

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is having transformational effects on organisations. Strategies, structures, operating models, among other things, that were once considered solid and stable appear to have little resilience as AI technologies are implemented. The consequences of AI are multifaceted. Moving from traditional management styles to algorithmic leadership requires new thinking. Taking an organisation's culture that has developed over time and aligning it to the demands of AI is challenging. Recasting business models to become platform-based and data-driven will require new methods and analytical tools. Jobs and work will change as will the relationship between employers and employees. I'm looking for students who want to examine, issues such as, how these changes will unfold, how organisations can adapt to the challenges, how executives and leaders at board level make strategic decisions. that AI is raising. This list isn't meant to be exhaustive. I hope it stimulates your curiosity to find out more and how you can contribute to creating the future.

Please find articles in academic journals to shape your ideas. Consider the questions that these articles have addressed. Ask yourself: how can you build on what knowledge already exists.

Guidelines for writing your research statement

When writing your proposal please consider: What's the 'real world' problem you want study? Why is this challenge important and to whom is it important? What difference do you want your research to make? What's motivating you to spend three to four years of your life to doctoral-level research? What is the literature you have read telling you? How do others perceive the field of AI? Do you agree or disagree with their views and why?

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for the above PhD topic please follow the steps below:

  1. Contact the supervisor by email or phone to discuss your interest and find out if you woold be suitable. Supervisor details can be found on this topic page. The supervisor will guide you in developing the topic-specific research proposal, which will form part of your application.
  2. Click on the 'Apply here' button on this page and you will be taken to the relevant PhD course page, where you can apply using an online application.
  3. Complete the online application indicating your selected supervisor and include the research proposal for the topic you have selected.

Good luck!

This is a self funded topic

Funding may be available from the Business School. Please look here for more details. Funded PhD Studentship in Business and Management


Meet the Supervisor(s)

Ashley Braganza - Professor Ashley Braganza is Professor of Organisational Transformation Change at Brunel Business School. He is teaching on Undergraduate and Postgraduate taught programmes. His research interests encompass big data, change management, strategy implementation, process and knowledge management, and transformation enabled information systems. He has published over 100 papers in prestigious academic and practitioner journals and three books.  He has carried out over 50 consultancy assignments with large global organisations. He has held several senior leadership positions in academic institutions as well as serving on the governing bodies of schools and small and medium-sized enterprises. His past collaborations with practitioners from BT, Microsoft, McDonald's, Astra Zeneca, Friends Provident, Volkswagen Financial Services and the Department for Children, Schools and Families and academics have co-created knowledge and practical ways of successfully implementing complex change programmes. He completed a study of CEOs and CIOs to gain fresh insights into the role of CEOs in largescale transformation programmes. He has published three books and over a hundred research articles, conference papers and working papers covering a range of topics on big data, business processes, change management, process orientation, knowledge management, governance, and organisation structure.