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Inducing the reversal of cellular ageing in model cell systems

As normal cells age they can only go through a finite number of cell divisions. Once they have achieved this they become irreversibly growth arrested known as replicative senescence. The transcriptome and epigenome are altered in senescent cells, as is the nuclear organisation and function. Can these mechanisms and structures be interfered with to work towards reversing
senescence and inducing cells to re-enter the proliferative cell cycle?

Initially the candidate will study differences between different types of growth arrest i.e. quiescence, stress induced premature senescence and replicative senescence using super-resolution bioimaging, chromatin analysis, transcriptome and genome behaviour. Senescent cells will be induced to replicate again by altering their access to specific factors – these replicating senescent cells will also be compared to the other arrested cells. Strategies will be developed to push these cells further to enter mitosis and divide.

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