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PGCE Access Bursary Terms and Conditions 2022/23

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Award details

The PGCE Access Bursary is available to full-time Home fee paying students beginning a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in Primary Education or Secondary Education (Physical Education) at Brunel University London in September 2022. Other PGCE courses are excluded from this bursary due to the availability of Government funded bursaries.

Value: £2,500 cash award, awarded once for the duration of the course (additional payments will not be made during a repeating year, regardless of the reason for repetition).

How many: Up to 20 bursaries will be allocated in October to those who meet the eligibility criteria defined in this document.

Application process: There is no separate application, all students will be considered for the bursary automatically based on the information supplied in their course application. Awards will be made by the Scholarship Allocation Panel in early October.

Bursary holders may be requested to represent Brunel at various promotional activities throughout their time at the University. Participation is not mandatory and bursary holders may be contacted within invitations to participate in activities such as surveys, focus groups, and interviews in order to evaluate the University’s financial support package. Bursary holders will be contacted as and when participation is required. If a student chooses not to participate, their bursary award will not be affected.

Data pertaining to bursary holders such as: progression rates, degree attainment, degree completion, and graduate outcomes may also be analysed in order to understand the effectiveness of bursaries and scholarships. This data may also be linked to other data already held by the University for the purpose of better understanding the impact of bursaries and scholarships on under-represented groups. To learn more about how the University uses data to support its commitment to delivering positive outcomes to students from under-represented groups please visit our webpage.



  • Must hold an offer of a place on a full time PGCE Primary or PGCE Secondary Education (Physical Education) courses starting in September 2022. This includes offers made through Clearing and Adjustment.
  • Offer must be ‘Unconditional Firm’ (UF) by the date the Scholarship Allocation Panel make their awards in October (i.e. applicant must have met all offer conditions and firmly accepted the place).
  • Must commence the course in the upcoming academic year (applicants for deferred entry will be considered for a bursary in the year they start their course and not in the year of their course application).
  • Must be classed as a Home fee paying student based on the UK government regulations. Applicants who are unsure of their fee status should note Brunel uses the information they have provided in their application form to assess fee status against regulations set by the UK government. For information on these regulations please visit the independent organisation UKCISA’s website.
  • Must be ordinarily resident in the UK (includes those living in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland).
  • Must have consented to the sharing of household income submitted to the Student Loans Company (SLC). Applicants should note that without consenting to share their information Brunel cannot access any information relating to Household Income. This will result in the applicant not being considered for this award.
  • Must come from a low income household (£25,000 pa or less, as defined in the ‘Eligibility Definitions’ below).  Please note all applicants, but particularly clearing applicants must ensure that they inform the Student Loans Company (SLC) at the earliest opportunity that they are attending Brunel. This will then ensure that the SLC can provide relevant evidence that the applicant meets this condition by 16th September 2022 (SLC application must be approved no later than this date). Failure to do this or if the applicants SLC assessment and application have not been approved by 16th September will result in the applicant not being considered for this award.

AND must meet at least one of the following under-represented criteria (as defined in the 'Eligibility Definitions' below):

  • Resident in a ‘Low Participation Neighbourhood’ as defined in the ‘Eligibility Definitions’ below.
  • Aged 25 or over by the course start date.
  • Disabled (including dyslexia)

Bursaries will be awarded to those who meet the eligibility criteria at the time of allocation.

Where the number of applicants who meet the criteria exceeds the number of bursaries available, bursaries will be awarded to those with the highest number of points scored from the under-represented criteria they meet (as detailed in the ‘General Terms and Conditions’ below). See section 4 for details of points allocated to each under-represented criterion.

Those not eligible for this bursary

  • Applicants classed as Overseas or Channel Islands/Isle of Man for fee purposes (based on the UK government regulations), or with an unresolved fee status. For 2022/23 entry, European fee payers who are not eligible for home fees under the UK government regulations will not be eligible. 
  • Applicants receiving government bursaries are not eligible for this bursary.
  • Applicants entering a course with the Brunel Language Centre. BLC students will be eligible for scholarships after successful completion of their Pre-sessional, Foundation, Level 1 or Pre-Master’s course.
  • Applicants undertaking any other kind of Postgraduate Taught or Postgraduate Research study.
  • Applicants applying to Brunel via the Schools Direct/St Swithun Wells or School-centred initial teacher training (SCITT) schemes.

b. Eligibility Definitions

Low Income

Those with an annual residual household income of £25,000 or less. [Residual income is the household income before tax and after any pension contributions or allowances for dependent children.] For full time students, a full and complete/approved financial assessment must have been carried out by the SLC and agreement must have been given by the student and their sponsor(s) to share this data. This assessment must have been completed by the 16th September 2022 and it is the responsibility of the student to ensure this has been completed by the SLC. Failure to do this will result in the applicant not being considered for the award.

Low Participation   Neighbourhood

Postcodes classified as ‘POLAR 4, Quintile 1 and 2’ by Office for Students (OfS)- ‘those wards with the lowest participation for entering Higher Education’. For further information, see the OfS website

To check if you live in a low participation neighbourhood use the Office for Students (OfS) postcode checker.


Those who are 25 years or older by the course start date.


Those who declare a disability on their course application and this is subsequently verified by the University’s Disability and Dyslexia Service. Further details will be outlined in the bursary award email.

c. Proof of Eligibility

  • To evidence ‘Low Income’, full time students must have provided the SLC with sufficient information to enable a full financial assessment to have been carried out before 16thSeptember 2022 and the student and sponsor(s) have provided their consent to share this data. Brunel will use the result of the assessment to confirm ‘Low Income’ eligibility. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the SLC have fully carried out the income assessment by 16th September 2022 in order for them to be considered by the Scholarship Allocation Panel in early October.
  • To evidence disability and age, data will be collected from the UCAS/UTT application forms. Evidence of disability will be required before any payment can be made to those awarded a scholarship/bursary on the basis of a disability. Further details will be outlined in the bursary award email.
  • To evidence ‘Low participation neighbourhoods (POLAR 4, QUINTILE 1 and 2)’, residential postcode data will be collected from the UCAS/UTT/Brunel application forms.


3.1 Eligibility criteria are reviewed annually. This bursary is subject to change in line with government changes to provision of bursaries.

3.2 Points weighting given to each of the under-represented criteria are as follows: 

Low Participation Neighbourhoods


Mature   (PGCE Access – aged 25 or over)




3.3 Applicants are considered for bursaries using the information provided at the time of their application only and cannot be considered should their circumstances change during the course of their studies. Bursaries cannot be backdated.

3.4 Only one scholarship/bursary can be paid to any one student in any one year with the exception of the Care Leaver Bursary and the Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship.

3.5 If an applicant is eligible for more than one scholarship/bursary, they will be awarded the one which will be the most financially beneficial across the full course duration.

3.6 Where the number of applicants who meet the criteria exceeds the number of bursaries available, the number of points scored from the under-represented criteria met will be taken into consideration (as detailed in the ‘General Terms and Conditions’ below). 

3.7 Awards will be made by the Scholarship Allocation Panel in early October and successful applicants will be informed by email shortly thereafter.

3.8 Bursaries are awarded for the current academic year only and cannot be deferred. Applicants who choose to defer their studies will forfeit any awards they have been made but will be considered anew in the year they will begin their studies.

3.9  The decision of the Scholarship Allocation Panel is final. Any appeals in respect of the allocation process should be referred to the admissions policy. An appeal will only be considered in line with procedural irregularities, where a student believes that the University has not followed the procedures stated within the relevant Scholarship or Bursary Terms and Conditions and there is reasonable doubt as to whether the outcome might have been different had the error not occurred. Any appeals relating to Scholarship or Bursary allocation must be lodged within the student’s first academic year at the University. Brunel will not be able to consider later appeals.


The bursary will be paid in three instalments.

Successfully awarded students will be asked to supply relevant UK bank account details to support receipt of the cash payments by no later than the first day of Term 1. 

4.1 Payment dates

For cash bursary awards, payment will be made as follows:

1st Payment- 09 December 2022

2nd Payment- 03 March 2023

3rd Payment- 09 June 2023

4.2   Conditions of Payment 

Payment will only be made providing the student is fully enrolled at the University on a PGCE course in Primary Education or Secondary Education (Physical Education) at the time of the payment. 

N.B. Payments will be made direct to a UK bank account and therefore students are required to supply accurate bank account details via their eVision account within the requested time. Failure to provide current valid UK Bank account details will result in delayed payment.


5.1 Misleading information: The University reserves the right to withdraw a bursary from anyone who is found to have misled the University about any aspect of their eligibility and to seek repayment of any monies already paid by appropriate means.

5.2 Mode of attendance change: If a student changes to a different mode of study, their eligibility for a bursary will be reviewed. The bursary will be withdrawn if the change is from full time to part time.

5.3 Changing course: Students who commence their studies and subsequently change course (but remain on a PGCE in Education) and remain at the same level of study (but not repeating the year), will have no impact on the award. Students changing courses outside of the PGCE in Education will lose the bursary award.

5.4 Abeyance/Temporary Withdrawal: A student who takes a period of temporary withdrawal (abeyance) and who is in receipt of a bursary award would cease to receive bursary payments whilst temporarily withdrawn. Bursary payments made prior to temporarily withdrawing will not generally be requested to be repaid and remaining payments will generally be paid once the student returns to complete that level of study.

5.5 Suspension of Study: Should a student be suspended for any reason, bursary payments will be withdrawn and consideration of reinstatement will be dependent on the disciplinary outcome.

5.6 Repeat/Extended Study: Repeat periods of study, and periods of temporary withdrawal that result in extended periods of study, are not supported by additional bursary payments. Bursary entitlement is for the maximum duration of each award and entitlement is not extended if overall course duration alters.

5.7 Withdrawal from Study: A student who withdraws from their programme prior to completion and who is in receipt of a bursary award will not normally be requested to repay bursary payments made up to the point of withdrawal. However, entitlement to all future bursary payments cease immediately when a student withdraws from Brunel University London.

Any queries relating to these terms and conditions should be addressed to the Admissions Office by emailing: scholarships@brunel.ac.uk

Updated 09 November 2021