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What to do if your results are worse than expected

Posted: May 10 2022

Isabel, Civil Engineering

Results day is a stressful time and this year possibly more so than most. So, I will be breaking down what to do if you need to go through Clearing as I did 3 years ago!

Step 1 – Don’t Panic

This may seem obvious but finding out if I had not got into my university of choice before I had even got my results was soul-crushing, I didn’t know how badly I had done or if I could even go to university. Turns out I had only missed the required grades by one subject and therefore could still go to university. But keep a clear head, it is not the end of the world there are plenty of options still available.

Step 2 – Talk to your school advisors and teachers

Once you’ve got your results try and discuss with a teacher or careers advisor about the next steps you can take. What kind of university can you go to with the grades you have received? Could you go through Adjustment if you did better than expected or do you need to go through clearing?

Step 3 – Do your research

Don’t settle for the first place that will take you, make sure you look into how the specific course you want to do and how it is ranked against other universities or what the sports are like there or the location. These are all huge factors in deciding what you want out of the next 3 years of your life. This will be your new home so make sure you like it there.

Step 4 – Visit the University (virtually)

This is important, the Clearing window is from the 6 July – 20 October (UCAS, 2020), so you have time to decide if the university you have chosen is right for you. You may not have attended any of their open days or applicant days, and with the current climate driving up to London to visit Brunel University the day after your results may not be possible as I did, but Brunel is hosting virtual:

But there is always a UniBuddy if you want to chat with students like me, which I would recommend as they know what it is really like to study at Brunel.

Step 5 – Final applications

If you have gone through Clearing and been accepted there are some final things you need to do before you get ready to join in September. Such as university accommodation should you need it? Brunel University grantees that if you come through Clearing or Adjustment you will get on-campus accommodation which is another stress reduced just make sure that you apply before the deadline ends.

Step 6 – Get excited

Congrats you got into university! Now get ready to start the next chapter of your life at the university you chose, see you in September!