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How to decide which subject is the best for you

Posted: July 24 2020

Margarida, Creative Writing

Some people have known what they want to be when they grow up since they were five years old, and some reach their last year of school with no clue of what they want to study at university.

Both of these situations are completely fine. There is a course for everyone; you just have to find out which one is the best for you. Here are a few tips on how to decide which subject you should do at university:

Think about which subjects you like at school

Do you love biology? Or are you more into History? Maybe you really like English instead? Think about which subjects give you the most pleasure and consider doing a course related to them. While subjects at school are very broad, courses at university tend to be slightly more specific, so if there are parts of a subject at school that you don’t like, you might be able to find a course with the ones you enjoy the most!

Consider your hobbies

They say that if you enjoy what you do, then you’ll never spend a day of your life working and that is true! Think about your hobbies and consider if you can turn any of them into a career. Whether that is writing, coding, or setting up new businesses, most hobbies can be turned into courses if you give them enough thought.

Think about the future

There are many jobs that aren’t directly linked to a specific course, so if that is your case, don’t despair – you’ll be able to find the route best suited for you. Start by taking a look on LinkedIn and search for people with your dream job title and find out which courses they did at university. If there is a broad range of courses, then find out which one appeals to you the most.

Think about the location

Do you have a preference for where you want to study? If there is a place or university you have got your eyes set on, that will undoubtedly narrow your subject choices. Have a look through the subjects list of the universities you are interested in and see if you’d like to do any of them. However, don’t shy away from getting to know different universities, maybe the best place for you is one you’ve never considered!

I hope these tips can help you think about the choice ahead in a more organised way. Whichever subject you decide upon, the most important thing is that you enjoy it and everything else will follow!