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Did you miss the UCAS deadline? Do not panic!

Posted: January 14 2020

Veronica, Biomedical Sciences

If you are a student applying for university, you should know that the UCAS deadline for on-time applications is the 15 of January at 6pm. However, if you missed it, do not panic, as you still have chances to apply! Here’s what to do.

Late UCAS applications

UCAS will accept late applications until the 30 of June. However, the competition will be harder as places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Furthermore, some courses might be already filled up. This is why it is important to constantly check the UCAS course searching tool (a “c” will appear for courses which are closed for applications). You will need a strong personal statement and a reference as soon as you can.

UCAS Extra

Running from February to July, UCAS Extra scheme is for applicants who were not accepted from any of the five universities they applied to, or who turned all their offers down. As long as it is before the 30 June, you will just need to look for new vacancies on UCAS searching tool, contact the university, and add the details in the UCAS section Track. If you do not receive any offer before July, you are eligible for UCAS Clearing.

UCAS Clearing

If you missed the 30 June deadline, if you did not receive any offer from universities you have applied to, or if your place was not confirmed after your grades were published, you are eligible for UCAS Clearing. From July to September, Clearing matches applicants to university courses which still have places. What you need to do is searching for vacancies on the UCAS searching tool. Then, you need to contact the university which interests you to see if you meet the entry requirements. If you are offered a place, you can sign in into your UCAS account and add your Clearing choice in Track.

Gap Year

Remember that there is nothing wrong with taking some extra time to think about what you really want to study. Therefore, if you miss the 30 June deadline, you could also take a gap year!