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Best TV shows to binge

Posted: March 17 2019

Manpreet, Physiotherapy MSc

What do you do when you've meal prepped, done all your studying, cleaned your room, scrolled up and down Instagram 100 times? Or maybe if you just don't want to study anymore? Well, pull out your laptop and binge watch a TV show so that you can procrastinate everything else in your life! Here's a small but epic list of some of the best TV shows. Hope you enjoy!

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Comedy) - One of my favourite TV shows of all time! If you grew up in the 90’s this was your jam! It stars Will Smith and is about a teen who gets sent to move in with his wealthy aunt and uncle in their Bel Air mansion after getting into a fight in his hometown of West Philadelphia. There are a ton of jokes and laughing with some serious episodes as well. This is also a really easy watch since episodes are 25 minutes long.

Friends (Comedy) – Another classic TV show from the 90s and into the 2000s. This show is also an easy watch since episodes are 25 minutes long and this show is about a group of 6 friends in their mid-20s who live in New York. It revolves around their everyday lives and there is a very good balance between the 6 main characters with some very funny secondary characters as well.

Game of Thrones (Fantasy Drama) – Pretty sure EVERYONE has heard of this show and people who haven’t watched this show usually get looked down on by everyone who has watched it so if you are one of those people…WATCH IT!! The show can be complicated at first as there are so many story lines occurring all at once but the show does a good job explaining back stories and setting up the plot. The main idea of the show is about the Iron Throne which rules the Seven Kingdoms and how every dynasty thinks their King or Queen should sit on it. There are LOTS of deaths and moments of disbelief and will leave you wanting more. The 8th and final season airs on April 14 and you will not want to miss it! Episodes vary between 50-70 minutes.

Breaking Bad (Crime Drama) – This show is about a high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with lung cancer and, in order to secure his family’s future, resorts to producing and selling crystal meth with one of his former students. The story line is very well laid out and there are lots of twists and turns. Each episode of Breaking Bad is around 50 minutes. A spin-off show was created after Breaking Bad ended and they have announced a spin-off movie as well!

Stranger Things (Science Fiction Horror) – This show is available on Netflix and is about the disappearance of a young boy in a town with supernatural events and the search for this boy. His group of friends meet a young girl with psychokinetic abilities and they all set out to uncover the mysteries of the town. This type of horror in this show isn’t like a conventional horror movie but more so mysterious horror. Episodes are around 50 minutes long as well.

Dexter (Crime Drama Mystery) – This show is about a forensic technician who specializes in blood splatter pattern analysis for the police department and helps to uncover the causes of deaths. The twist is…..he leads a secret life as a vigilante serial killer hunting down people who have gotten away with bad things. This show is very twisted and if you haven’t guessed from the description, has a lot of blood in it. There are some really cool twists and the way the show is filmed and the narrative of it is different and appealing for this type of show.