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Advantages of living off-campus

Posted: November 26 2019

Fatima Cardoso, Business and Management

Living off-campus may initially seem like a daunting choice as it is perceived as an alternative and sometimes less engaging scenario. Even though it can seem like a big decision it is one that offers major advantages for whoever decides to make it. These advantages include:

1) More living space

Dorm rooms are known for being small and cramped. As the Freshers’ excitement subsides you will notice that a suitable place to live makes all the difference in your day to day life. Besides, having a real kitchen that is secure, as well as a larger space will also make it easier to share the house with a roommate.

2) You can save more money

Often, off-campus apartments are more cost-effective than on-campus accommodation. Brunel University London offers a lot of off-campus affordable options for a range of needs and requirements. Also, sharing the rent, bills, and other costs with a roommate can make living off-campus even more affordable.

3) It helps you gain real-life experience

Living off-campus also gives you more responsibilities like budgeting for rent, groceries, and bills, as well as cleaning, groceries shopping, understand contracts, etc. These responsibilities and experience mature you quicker than your on-campus compatriots. Plus, renting off-campus accommodation also gives you a rental history, which can make it easier to rent other apartments in the future if you’re a good tenant.

4) It's easier to have friends over

When living off-campus it’s easier to have your friends over either for a party or just for a chill dinner session. Plus if you have a roommate from another country it might also be fun to do foods from your home countries, I mean, you do have space to properly cook now.

5) More privacy

Renting a property off-campus also brings you more privacy. When living on campus, you are constantly in the proximity of as many as 8 other people you didn’t choose to live with; judging what you wear or your music taste as soon as you walk into the kitchen. When living off-campus these problems seldom manifest; it’s just you alone or you with someone you trust.