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Brunel Film Studies alumnus interns at Cannes Film Festival

Tell us about your role…

During the Cannes Film Festival 2017, I interned with Thirty Six Zero Entertainment and created my own short film to screen, after being accepted onto a program with The Creative Mind Group. My internship involved admin, assistant and organisational duties and assisting with a party.

Why you loved working here…

I was able to experience the festival and the enthusiasm surrounding the event. I enjoyed meeting people from all backgrounds working as Directors, Writers, Producers and Actors in the industry.

Your proudest achievement or experience in this role…

I created a short film with a production team of three. We had never met and made the film in five days. Our film was screened in the Olympia Theatre in Cannes and won four out of the six awards: Best Picture, Director, Cinematography and Performance.

How have you developed professionally since you began working here?

Working on a short film with people I had never met with such a short deadline was challenging and we all faced creative differences. It was important to let ideas go and compromise while staying faithful to the story we wanted to tell.

What advice would you give to students wanting to work in this industry/sector?

The best advice I received was attitude over aptitude, especially when trying to make it in these creative industries. Some tasks are tedious but most people go through them. It’s what you make of the experience and your attitude towards the work that is important.