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How a degree in mathematics set our alumnus up for his first graduate job

Haider Variava

Brunel has a very good Mathematics department, with some great lecturers and resources. Brunel also has a great Careers service, so take advantage of that.

Haider, Alumni, Undergraduate

Data Analyst, British Telecom

Mathematics and Statistics with Management BSc - 2016

From UK

Tell us about your educational and/or career journey since you graduated from Brunel?

My degree in mathematics and statistics set me up really well for my first graduate job. I started off as a Graduate Data Scientist for Green Tomato Cars; an ethical, environmentally friendly small taxi firm. Having spent almost a year there, I then moved into the consultancy world with Sagacity. I serviced some of the largest clients in the utility and telecom space within revenue assurance and credit risk for almost 3.5 years. I am currently at BT working in a start-up environment, building and developing various innovative product solutions for our clients. It has been just over a year and I’m thoroughly enjoying leading the analysis for projects.

What does a typical day at work involve for you?

The work is exciting and no day is the same! Some days, I am working with the data, providing insight, analysis and recommendations to senior stakeholders within the business when developing client solutions. Other days, I am brainstorming with other analysts and delving into the data science world. Additionally, I can be found with a 'product hat' on, putting myself in our client's shoes and testing out the product. I can also be involved with the commercial teams, liaising with the client, and testing product solutions. Work can be fast paced as I could be working on multiple projects.

What’s been the highlight of your career journey so far?

I have a couple examples to share: (1) While at Sagacity I was part of vibrant team dedicated to realising revenue opportunities for our clients. One such client was within the utility space, and I shared the success of realising a £50m opportunity. I developed business cases that were worth £millions and were approved by our clients. (2) The second example is something more recent at BT, where I have been able to lead and oversee some of the key data development work for our projects.

How would you say your Brunel experience has helped you to get where you are today?

Having spent three wonderful years at Brunel, I learnt a thing or two about time management and juggling priorities. Those long nights researching my dissertation in the library are amongst the key memories that I have that ultimately gave me a strong mentality - a never die attitude for life!

Why did you choose to study at Brunel and why would you recommend Brunel to others?

Brunel has a very good Mathematics department, with some great lecturers and resources. Brunel also has a great Careers service, so take advantage of that!

What is your best memory of studying here?

Brunel has some vibrant societies. I was part of the Futsal team early on and I debated a lot in my three years!

If you could give one piece of advice to current Brunel students, what would that be?

Choose a subject you like, and enjoy networking with fellow students and staff. But, ultimately stick with the subject you have chosen and make sure you do your best in that subject.

What would be your top tip or key advice for new graduates as they begin their career journey after leaving Brunel?

Finding a job straight out of university can be daunting! Never give up, an opportunity will always arise. So, in that moment, seize your opportunity and make sure you are ready for the challenge ahead!