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Clearing allowed Tom to take a risk so he could experience the city life of London

Tom Cong

I’m very happy I took the risk of rejecting my second choice and choosing to study at Brunel instead; I’ve loved living in London, and Brunel has helped me grow a lot.

Tom, Undergraduate

Psychology BSc

From UK

How did you find the experience of applying to Brunel through Clearing?

My experience of applying to Brunel through clearing was very easy and straightforward. I spoke to someone over the phone about my clearing application on the day of my A-level results. They answered any questions I had and comforted me through the process.

What attracted you to apply to Brunel through Clearing?

Initially, I hadn’t applied to any universities which were located in London. During Clearing I decided to take a risk and choose Brunel to experience the city life in London.

Has Brunel made you feel welcome during your here?

Brunel has made me feel more than welcome, with its mini city-like campus and diverse community. There's always lots of events happening on campus, societies to join, and extracurricular activities to get involved in.

How has your year of remote learning been? What are you looking forward to when you get the chance to return to Campus?

It was weird and difficult at first, having to do everything online, but like everyone else, I adapted quickly and my lecturers were very good at making sure all the resources we needed were readily available online. Unfortunately my course has finished now, so I no longer have a reason to return to campus; which is a shame because Covid meant my university experience ended with my second year. However, remaining students should look forward to the campus vibes, especially in the summer when all students just chill by the quad - which I miss.

What do you like about the Brunel campus?

Everything is close to each other, meaning the campus is convenient, and is also a mini city within itself, making you feel closer to those around you.

Have you joined any student societies?

During my first year I joined the Brunel Marrow society, and was involved in fundraising for Anthony Nolan, blood cancer. I enjoyed being a part of something meaningful and meeting great new people.

Did you take a placement year?

I didn’t take a placement year, I worked and was involved in lots of extracurricular activities alongside my studies or during the summer holidays instead.

What have you enjoyed about your course?

I have enjoyed learning about how psychology can be applied in so many different areas of life; whether it be social, clinical, criminal, and even business. I have also learned skills in handling data and conducting research which will help me in many career prospects.

Is there anything else you’d like to add about your Clearing experience with Brunel?

Coming to Brunel (or studying in London in general) was not originally my plan for university. Although I didn’t get into my first choice of university on results day, I was accepted at my second choice (University of Portsmouth). However, at the time I had also attended college in the same area, so I wanted to venture out to a new city and experience life there. I’m very happy I took the risk of rejecting my second choice and choosing to study at Brunel instead; I’ve loved living in London, and Brunel has helped me grow a lot, especially with the various services they offer such as the Professional Development Centre.