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NHS Detect

The appropriate use of Antibiotics through the detection of bacteria.

The problem of bacteria’s resistance to antibiotics is rising and has been described by the UK’s Chief Medical Adviser as an apocalyptic threat to public health. To help reduce the incidence of antibiotic-resistance it is important that antibiotics be prescribed appropriately. This involves understanding what is causing the infection and prescribing the correct antibiotic, only if the cause is bacteria. 
NHS Detect is designed to monitor a patient’s condition when prescribed antibiotics by their GP. The product continuously detects the increase, or decrease, in bacteria using a bacterial sensor and microneedles on the surface of the skin to determine if the correct medication has been prescribed for each infection. The NHS app works alongside the device by scanning the sensor to electronically document information whilst communicating the patient’s progress to their GP. The app also combines all current NHS services such as prescriptions, symptom checker, locations of NHS services and direct communication with medical professionals to create a more unified service.

Project in collaboration with Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust. 

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