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How your course will be delivered

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Brunel

You may be wondering how your specific course will be taught in 2021/22. We have put together some useful information for you, including how teaching will be delivered and supported. We have responded to comments from our students who tell us that they have welcomed the flexibility of online learning, but have missed opportunities to engage with staff and peers in person. Our approach to learning and teaching therefore prioritises interactive, in-person, on campus teaching, such as seminars, group work and practical activities. These are complemented by lectures, which may be online, in person or both, and you can find the details for your course by clicking on the relevant subject below.

We will be running some Welcome events when you arrive - and you can find out all about these here.

In the event that Government-imposed restrictions require us to stop in-person teaching and limit social interactions, you will be able to continue ‘meeting’ with your fellow students or lecturers – you will meet virtually in live, interactive sessions until in-person teaching can resume. We can guarantee that you will be able to continue your studies with us whatever the circumstances and the University will continue to provide the best student experience it can.

If you’re a new international student holding a student visa ready to join us in January 2022, we expect you to start attending your lectures in person at the beginning of the first term, where you will benefit from connecting with other students and becoming part of our welcoming campus community as soon as you arrive. However, we recognise for some students, travel restrictions or other personal circumstances linked to the pandemic may delay your arrival in the UK. If this is the case, the UK Home Office has confirmed you can study online until your circumstances allow you to travel (by 6 April 2022 at the latest). We will support you with your online learning from your home country until you are able to join us on campus, although you should continue to plan to travel to the UK as soon as you are able to.

More information on how we’re welcoming international students can be found here.

How your course will be delivered: your subject-specific information

Advanced Clinical Practice (postgraduate)

Anthropology (undergraduate) 

Anthropology (postgraduate) 

Biomedical Sciences (undergraduate) 

Brunel Business School (undergraduate/postgraduate) 

Chemical Engineering (undergraduate) 

Chemical Engineering (postgraduate) 

Communications and Media Studies (undergraduate)

Civil and Environmental Engineering (undergraduate) 

Civil and Environmental Engineering (postgraduate) 

Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience (postgraduate)

Computer Science (undergraduate)

Computer Science (postgraduate) 

Creative Writing (undergraduate)

Creative Writing (postgraduate) 

Design (undergraduate) 

Design (postgraduate)

Digital Media (undergraduate) 

Digital Media (postgraduate) 

Disease Mechanisms and Therapeutics (postgraduate)

Economics and Finance (undergraduate) 

Economics and Finance (postgraduate) 

Education (undergraduate)

Education - MA (postgraduate) 

Education - PGCE (postgraduate) 

Education (doctorate)

Electronic and Electrical Engineering (undergraduate)

Electronic and Electrical Engineering (CQUPT programme)

Electronic and Electric Engineering (postgraduate) 

English (undergraduate)

English (postgraduate)

Environmental Sciences (undergraduate) 

Environmental Sciences (postgraduate) 

Film and Television Studies (undergraduate) 

Flood and Coastal Engineering (undergraduate)

Flood and Coastal Engineering (postgraduate) 

Games Design (undergraduate) 

Games Design (postgraduate)

Global Challenges (undergraduate) 

History (undergraduate) 

History (postgraduate) 

Journalism (undergraduate) 

Journalism (postgraduate) 

Law (undergraduate) 

Law (postgraduate) 

Law PgCert (postgraduate)

Life Sciences (undergraduate) 

Lightweight Structures and Impact Engineering (postgraduate)

Mathematics (undergraduate/postgraduate) 

Mechanical, Automotive and Aerospace Engineering (foundation) 

Mechanical, Automotive and Aerospace Engineering (undergraduate) 

Mechanical, Automotive and Aerospace Engineering (postgraduate) 

Media and Communications (postgraduate)

Media and Public Relations (postgraduate)

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound (postgraduate)

Music (undergraduate) 

Nursing Associate Apprenticeship (undergraduate)

Nursing (undergraduate)

Occupational Therapy (undergraduate)

Occupational Therapy (postgraduate) 

Oil and Gas Engineering (postgraduate)

Physician Associate (postgraduate) 

Physiotherapy (undergraduate) 

Physiotherapy - Pre-Registration (postgraduate)

Politics and International Relations (undergraduate) 

Politics and International Relations (postgraduate) 

Psychology (undergraduate) 

Psychological Sciences (postgraduate) 

Psychology, Culture and Evolution (postgraduate)

Public Health and Health Promotion (postgraduate)

Social Work (postgraduate) 

Sociology (undergraduate) 

Sociology (postgraduate) 

Specialist Community Public Health Nursing (undergraduate/postgraduate)

Sports, Health and Exercise Sciences (undergraduate) 

Sports, Health and Exercise Sciences (postgraduate) 

Structural Integrity (Asset Reliability) (postgraduate)

Theatre (undergraduate) 

New doctoral and postgraduate researchers please click here.