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Course name UCAS/PG code Study mode Level
Accounting and Business Management MSc (Brunel Business School) N400PACCBSMG 1-year full-time (September intake); 15 months full-time (January intake) Postgraduate
Advanced Electronic and Electrical Engineering MSc H610PADVEENG 1 year Full-time Postgraduate
Advanced Engineering Design MSc H150PAENGDES 1-year full-time; 2-year part-time Postgraduate
Advanced Manufacturing Systems MSc
Distance learning
H100PSAMS 1-year full-time; 3-to-5-years distance-learning Postgraduate
Advanced Mechanical Engineering MSc H300PADVME 1-year full-time Postgraduate
Aerospace Engineering MSc H400PSAEROSP 1-year full-time Postgraduate
Anthropology of Childhood, Youth and Education MSc L610PANTHCYE 1-year full-time; 2 or 2.5-years part-time Postgraduate
Anthropology of International Development and Humanitarian Assistance MSc L610PANTHIDH 1-year full-time; 2 or 2.5-year part-time Postgraduate
Automotive and Motorsport Engineering MSc H330PSAUTMTE 1-year full-time Postgraduate
Banking and Finance MSc N300PBANKFIN 1 year full-time or 16 months full-time with a placement; 2 years part-time Postgraduate