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Course name UCAS/PG code Study mode Level
Data Science and Analytics MSc I200PDATA 1-year full-time; 2-year part-time Postgraduate
Design and Branding Strategy MA W200PADESBRD 1-year full-time; 3-year part-time Postgraduate
Design for Sustainable Manufacturing PhD DESSUSMANDFTD 3-year full-time; 6-year part-time PhD & Research
Design Integrated PhD DMINTPHDEDFTD 4-year full-time PhD & Research
Design PhD
MPhil option available
DESIRESDFTD 3-year full-time; 6-year part-time PhD & Research
Design Strategy and Innovation MA W200PADNSTIN 1-year full-time; 3-years part-time Postgraduate
Digital Design and Branding MSc W200PDIGDBR 1-year full-time Postgraduate
Digital Design BSc
Placement offered
H6W2 3-year full-time; 4-year thick-sandwich Undergraduate
Digital Games Theory and Design MA W280PDIGATDN 1-year full-time Postgraduate
Digital Service Design MSc I200PDIGSEDE 1-year full-time Postgraduate