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CPR Training

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) Training is mandatory for all students entering the Occupational Therapy degree courses to have up to date CPR training.

Certificate of training

You must provide evidence of CPR training or a CPR refresher course when you commence your study in September. This evidence must be provided before you undertake your first practice placement in March/May 2019 (BSc) / January 2019 (MSc).

To be valid whilst you are out on your first placement this training must have been undertaken between 1st August – 14th December 2018 (last day of term 1) for BSc students and between 1st August-30th November 2018 for MSc students.

It will be your responsibility to arrange this training as we do not provide any training sessions. If necessary you will have time available (independent study time) during Term 1 to arrange and complete the training if you are unable to do so before commencing the programme.

If you have attended training already you will need to attend a refresher course within the above date range and supply evidence of this.

CPR training sessions available

Below are some websites that you might want to look at to identify a possible course. Please note we require you to have had practical CPR training, so if in any doubt do get in touch with them to confirm this. This is local based company (to campus) who students have used previously: www.fabtraining.org.uk 

One day first aid training to include practical resuscitation: http://www.careabilitytraining.co.uk/care_training_courses.php  

Emergency first aid at work course which includes practical CPR (Hammersmith area): http://www.healthandsafetygroup.com/products/1467/emergency-first-aid-at-work/ 

The British Red Cross or St John ambulance may also have a course near you.  http://www.redcrossfirstaidtraining.co.uk/Courses/find-the-right-first-aid-course.aspx  https://www.sja.org.uk/sja/first-aid-training-courses.aspx

Certificate Verification

Please send completed CPR certificates to:

Ann Haddock

Mary Seacole Building Brunel University Uxbridge Middlesex UB8 3PH