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Clearing information for parents, guardians and carers

If your son or daughter is thinking abut joining university through Clearing, our step-by step guide will give you the information you need to help you support them through this process, and prepare in advance for results day.

Clearing is how universities and colleges fill any places they still have on their courses. Clearing can be for students who didn’t quite get the grades they were expecting, don’t hold any offers, declined their offers, applied after 30 June or haven’t applied yet.

Although it can seem fast paced and last minute try not to worry, lots of students get a university place every year through Clearing. Some students even wait until Clearing to make their first university application. They go on to have an amazing university experience, make lifelong friends and graduate with good quality degrees.

clearing advice for parents youtube video
clearing advice for parents youtube video
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Step 1: Before results

Make a Clearing shortlist

Write down which universities and courses they’re interested in. This could be a different course to their original choice or a university that wasn’t on their main UCAS application. It’s a good chance to see what else is on offer. Check the course content, entry requirements (these will probably be lower in Clearing). 

Register now

Students are able to register their interest online for Clearing. This means we have a record of their details, can send relevant information and call them on Results Day (10 August 2021) to save them the hassle on the day. We also accept applications online

Step 2: On results day

Check your UCAS account for the status of offers

If the grades aren’t quite as expected their first-choice university may still offer them a place. If not start going through the shortlist you’ve made. Give the university a call, making sure they have their Personal ID number from UCAS so we can see their application and a pen and paper handy. If Brunel can, we’ll make an offer then and there over the phone.

Step 3: Getting started at uni

Once they’ve made a decision and the offer is confirmed, sit back, celebrate and start planning the next step. The university will be in touch with the essential info. Book accommodation, plan what they need to take with them, find out about a part-time jobs, placements, volunteering and check what’s going on in Welcome Week!