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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Am I required to submit copies of any training certificates produced by the Graduate School? 

No. Applicants are not required to submit copies of any certificates. Instead you will be asked to list any skills training you have attended during the past 12 months, both internal and external to the University.

2. What should I do if my supervisors are away from the University and/or I can’t get a letter of support in time?

Following online submission of your travel prize application, your supervisor will automatically be emailed requesting a statement of support. If they are away from the University and are without access to their emails then you are permitted to ask another academic within your department to provide a statement of support, providing you have worked with them on the topic you are planning to present. They must be willing to comment on the importance of the conference and whether this is a suitable conference for you to attend.

3. Can I apply for the Travel Prize without having my paper accepted yet? 

Yes, you can submit an application. However, any offer of an award will be contingent upon your paper or poster being accepted for presentation. Simply forward the proof of acceptance from the conference organiser to Dr Inmaculada Andres as soon as you receive it.

4. What happens if the total costs for attending the conference come to less than the prize money awarded? Can I still claim the full prize?

No. If awarded a travel prize, you will only be able to claim for costs incurred while attending the conference, as evidenced by receipts.

5. How will I receive my prize? 

You will be asked to complete an expenses claim form and attach all receipts relating to your conference after you have attended. Claim forms will be emailed to you with your notification of winning a prize, or you can pick up a paper copy of the form from office159b at the Brunel Graduate School. The standard prize of up to £500 in expenses can be claimed and all receipts must be original. If you are awarded the exceptional prize of £750, the same process will apply.

6. Is it possible to apply for more than one Travel Prize at a time? 

No. Unfortunately we can only accept one application per deadline. Students can apply for any of the four deadlines, but can only receive one prize per academic year.
Please note if an application is unsuccessful in one round it is likely to be unsuccessful if the same application is resubmitted in future rounds. It is advised that you revise the content of your application before re-applying.

7. Is there a limit to the total number of travel prizes I can be awarded?

Yes. Each Research Student is limited to a maximum award of one Travel Prize per academic year and a maximum of two Travel Prizes for their period of registration at Brunel.

8. Can I apply for the Travel Prize if I have already attended the conference?

No. Unfortunately these awards cannot be backdated. You can only apply for the Travel Prize in advance of the conference dates. The conference must be scheduled to occur after the deadline for application.

9. Why do I need to submit an abstract of my research?

The Travel Prize intends to recognise excellence in research and reward the effort of students in producing significant research. Providing a written explanation of your work gives more insight into the work you are producing.