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Research Student Conference and 3MT


Brunel University London Research Student Poster Conference 4-5 July 2018

Showcasing the best in postgraduate research

The Annual Research Student Poster Conference, organised by the Graduate School, is a multidisciplinary event which aims to bring together researchers from all Colleges and Research Institutes to showcase the high calibre of student research at Brunel.  The event provides opportunities for professional development, public engagement, networking and research community building.

Prizes of up to £500 are available for the best poster presentations and participation counts towards your 3D researcher development goals / annual review report.


Congratulations to all the winners:

 Research Student Poster Conference Winners Group 27_8102

Graduate School Award for Best Early Stage Research entry

  • Poster title: A scalable cloud infrastructure architecture for distributed simulation
  • Student name: Nura Tijjani Abubakar
  • Supervisor: Simon Taylor
  • College, Department: CEDPS, Computer Sciences

1st Place

  • Poster title: The influence of fall-related anxiety on visual search during locomotion
  • Student name: Toby Ellmers
  • Supervisor: William Young
  • College, Department: CHLS, Life Sciences

2nd Place

  • Poster title: Innovative approaches to excited cellulose capabilities for high-end applications
  • Student name: Hassan Ahmad
  • Supervisor: Mizi Fan
  • College, Department: CEDPS, Civil Engineering

3rd Place

  • Poster title: Effects of whole-body dehydration on lung function in healthy adults
  • Student name: Hannah Marshall
  • Supervisor: Pascale Kippelen
  • College, Department: CHLS, Life Sciences

4th Place

  • Poster title: Adaptive nozzle for additive manufacturing
  • Student name: Abdulrahman Albar
  • Supervisor: Mohammad Rafiq Swash
  • College, Department: CEDPS, Electronic & Computer Sciences

5th Place

  • Poster title: Investigating user responses to mandatory IT-Induces organisational change: a pre-implementation study
  • Student name: Khalipha Nuhu
  • Supervisor: Stephen Swift
  • College, Department: CEDPS, Computer Science

Congratulations to our 3MT Winners

This year the 3MT final took place in the Eastern Gateway on March 21 2018.

3MT Final Finalists_2018

3MT Final Judges_2018

Eleven Researchers from across all Colleges and Research institutes took part after making it through their college heat, earlier this year. Judging panel including:  Prof. William Leahy, Dr Claire Donovan, Prof. Christina Victor, Dr Paula Zwozdiak-Myers and Tom Fudge had an extremely hard job to decide on the winners, due to the standard of presentations being so high.

Massive congratulations to all whom took part and to our winners:

Juhi Kumar, 1st place & Audience Choice. College of Health and Life Sciences.Supervisory team: Dr Emmanouil Karteris and Dr Amanda Harvey. Title of 3MT: “Validation of circulating tumour cells (CTCs) as potential biomarkers for ovarian cancer.”

Rahmanara Chowdhury, 2nd place. College of Health and Life Sciences. Supervisory team: Prof. Tess Kay and Prof. Belinda Winder . Title of 3MT: “Addressing domestic violence in the UK Muslim population.”

Juhi Kumar will represent Brunel in the national online 3MT semi-final. The top six in the country will then be selected from over 40 institutions will go onto the Grand National final, which will take part at the Vitae conference in September.

The previous winner's presentations can be watched here: