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Vice-Chancellor Travel Prize Application

  • Personal Details
  • Have you received 2 or more VC Travel Prize during your current period of registration at Brunel?
  • Name
  • Level of study at time of proposed travel
  • Mode of study
  • Skills Training
    Please list any skills training during the past 12 months.
  • Have you attended to other conferences outside Brunel University?
  • Have you attended to the Research Student Poster Conference or participated in the 3MT Competition at Brunel University?
  • Type of presentation
  • Application & Conference Details
  • Conference acceptance based on
  • Conference Details
  • Conference address
  • How was the paper/abstract selected for this conference?
  • Resources and Financial Commitment
  • Mode of academic funding
  • Type of registration
  • Student's Declaration
  • I understand the Terms & Conditions of the Vice-Chancellor Travel Prize Award