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Computer Science Brunel PhD Symposium

Computer Science Symposium 18_News

The Computer Science Brunel PhD Symposium tgive a chance to present and discuss their research with experienced and senior researchers. It also provides them with the opportunity to share their research with their peers and to gain constructive feedback about their already completed or, more importantly, planned research work.

The Symposium is a one day event which aims to bring together researchers from academia and industry, as well as practitioners in the area of Computer Science and Information Systems in order to provide a forum where recent research results can be presented and discussed. The aim is to understand open issues in research as applied in researchers’ body of works, and to build a community of researchers and practitioners willing to collaborate on these issues.

The Symposium seeks contributions that address theoretical foundations, important issues, recent developments, applications, methods, practical techniques, tools, empirical studies, experience, and lessons learned related to Computer science and Information systems.

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Staff Contact (Senior Lecture): Nour Ali

Student Contact (PhD candidate): Monica Pereira