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YERUN Research Mobility Fund


The YERUN Research Mobility Awards are competitive award for Early Career Researchers (up to 8 years since they were awarded with a PhD) and Doctoral Researchers at YERUN universities.

The programme provides support for researchers to undertake minimum a week of research at one of the other YERUN partner institutions from a different country.

The call for the YERUN Research Mobility Awards 2019-2020 is open now and the deadline will be on 25th November.

All the information about the terms and conditions can be found here.Also, some useful information can be found on the following links:

Dr Ronan McCharthy, who was awarded last year, provided the following advice for those who are entering  the YERUN research Mobility Award 2019/20: "Please, contact your potential collaborator as soon as possible and have a clear idea what you want to do with them, so you can attract their interest and make a stronger proposal".
For further information, please contact Dr Inma Andres.

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Dr Inma Andres