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How to ace your revision with our top 15 study tips

When you're studying or revising towards a specific exam or goal, it's easy to feel a little isolated, stressed or anxious, but you're not alone. Every student at Brunel has gone through something similar to get here - so we asked them for their top study tips. With plenty of disciplines covered, you're bound to find some advice that applies to you.

1. Know the syllabus and study according to subjects and areas you’ve covered

Student finding their study books in the library

2. Make a revision timetable but be flexible and don’t give up if the plan has to change
Study books
3. Take a 10 minute break from study every hour

Students chilling in 1966 on campus

4. Put your knowledge to the test! Ask people to test you on what you’ve learned

Students studying

5. Make sure you practice in exam conditions

IAC set up for student exams

6. Exercise to increase productivity and reduce stress

Students lifting weights in teh IAC gym on campus

7. Feed your brain with good, nourishing food

Fruit and veg market on campus

8. Remember to think positive

Student studying in The Junction on campus

9. Try switching up your study environments to see what works best for you

Student studying outside on campus

10. Avoid distractions by turning off your phone, the TV and only check your social media in your study breaks

Design student studying

11. Find a study partner you know you work well with

Students studying in their Brunel accommodation room

12. Test you really understand something by trying to teach it to a friend

Students studying together in a private library room

13. Relax and reward yourself for your hard work 

Students chilling on campus with a guitar

14. Get plenty of sleep, especially the night before an exam

Eastern_Gateway on campus at night

15. Ultimately everyone learns differently so find a study pattern which works for you!

Student studying on the library sofas