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2017-2018 Examination periods 

11th-15th December 2017

8th-12th January 2018

8th-25th May 2018

20th- 24th August 2018

You are expected to make yourself available for the entire exam period.

 Officially we publish the exam timetable 4 weeks before the start of the exam period.  The May Exams are Tuesday 8th - Friday 25th May 2018. The official date of publication is Monday 9th April 2018.

Students: Click here for the link to your Exam Timetable page.

Staff: Click here to see a list of all scheduled Examinations.

If you are a member of staff at the aformentioned exam periods, please read our staff guides to the right of this page.


Snow and Examinations

Updates to this message will be published here, should our current plan change.

Please note that currently our plan is that the examinations will continue to run as usual, and the usual “Late is Late” policy will remain in operation, despite the adverse weather:  Students undertaking examinations, and staff involved in administering them, will need to factor potential disruptions into travel plans and where necessary make alternative travel arrangements to ensure they arrive on time:

•  Allow extra time for journeys and plan routes using the bus and local rail networks (be aware that public transport in and around London may be busier than usual);
•  Arrange a lift with staff or students who are driving onto campus (be aware that roads are likely to be slower or busier);
•  Look at staying locally the night before an exam, either with friends, on campus or at a local hotel or B&B.

If you cannot attend your exams for any reason, you must notify your department as soon as possible before the exam starts and then submit a claim for extenuating circumstances: http://www.brunel.ac.uk/about/quality-assurance/supporting-students.
Please remember that you will need to produce evidence that you were unable to travel to campus, if that is the reason for missing any exams.

Make sure you arrive on time: latecomers are not able to sit their exam. Please see our Examinations policy for clarification on any questions you have.

Please check the TFL website nearer the time for service updates. For up-to-date information on the weather, please see the BBC website or other news sources and keep checking here for any updates.

Key Notes

  • Candidates are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate and honest manner during examinations. To avoid misunderstanding and reduce any temptation to misuse smart devices, candidates should avoid bringing unnecessary devices (including watches and mobiles) to their examinations. Any brought to the venue must be switched off and placed in a clear container or bag, under their examination desk. Given the growth in the smart watches market, from May 2016, these devices will include ALL digital watches, AND any non-digital watches must be displayed at the top edge of the examination desk or also placed in a clear container under the desk. Please see the Candidate Guide and Examination Announcements for details. 

  •  If you need any adjustments because of a disability or dyslexia and do not already have a support profile, please make an appointment to see an Advisor in the Disability and Dyslexia Service (DDS) 6 weeks before an examinations period. Ring 01895 265213 or come to DDS Reception in Room 315, Bannerman Centre to make an appointment. After this date we cannot guarantee that adjustments can be made.

  • If you are stressed about examinations, use the Counselling Service:
Ring 01895 265070 between 10:00 - 16:30 Monday & 09:30 - 16:30  Tuesday to Friday for an appointment;
Drop in at Counselling 13:45 weekdays - no appointment necessary, but first come, first seen; Counselling is located opposite the Medical Centre, and drop ins are available throughout both term and vacation time except when we are closed (Christmas and Easter vacation time).

  • Extenuating Circumstances:
If you feel that your examination performance may be or has been impaired due to illness, injury or situation, please contact your department who will be able to advise you and, where appropriate, direct you to documentation to submit extenuating circumstances.  Such circumstances usually need to be reported to departments before, during or within 5 days of an examination.

Candidate Lists