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Honorary Graduates

The university awards Honorary Doctorates in recognition of outstanding scholarly achievement, usually recognised internationally; outstanding service to the national or international community; outstanding service to the University; or outstanding service to the local community.

ACKROYD, Peter, DLitt 2006; English biographer, novelist and critic

ALLAWAY, Percy, DTech 1973; Managing Director of EMI Electronics Ltd

ANDERSON, Jon Lee, DLitt 2011; Author and Journalist

ANELAY, Rt Hon Lady Joyce, Baroness Anelay of St Johns, DSc 1997; Brunel graduate; Member of Parliament

ANSON, Tony, DEng 2004; Engineer and founder of Anson Medical Ltd

ATTENBOROUGH, Sir David, DSc 1995; Broadcaster and naturalist

AYLING, Robert, LLD 1996; Chief Executive of British Airways

BABUSKA, Professor Ivo, DSc 1996; Research Professor, University of Texas at Austin

BAKER, Rt Hon Lord Baker of Dorking; Member of the House of Lords, HonDEd 2016

BALCHIN, Robert, Rt Hon the Lord Lingfield DL, HonDEd 2016

BALKWILL, Anthony William, MUniv 2010; Engineer

BANNISTER, Sir Roger, DUniv 2008; Athlete

BARUCH, Dr Bernard, MUniv 1998; Brunel’s consultant psychiatrist from 1973 to 1996

BATMANGHELIDJH, Camila, DSocSci 2011; Founder and Executive Director of The Kids’ Company

BAWDEN, Sir Frederick Charles, DTech 1967; Director of Rothamsted Experimental Station

BAYLIS, Trevor, MUniv 1998; Humanitarian; design engineer

BECKETT, Sir Terence, DTech 1991; Managing Director and Chief Executive Ford Motor Company

BELDAM, Robert, DUniv 1995; Chairman and Managing Director of Beldam Lascar Seals Ltd and of Auto-Klean Filtration Ltd.

BELIK, Professor Ludek - 1984; Pro-Rector of the Technological University of Plzen in the Czech Republic

BENN, Rt Hon Anthony Wedgwood, LLD 1996; Member of Parliament

BENJAMIN, Professor T Brooke, DSc 1991; Sedlesian Professor of Natural Philosophy and Fellow of The Queen's College, Oxford University

BENNETT, Francis, DUniv 1987; Member of Brunel Council

BERKOFF, Steven, DLitt 2010; Actor, playwright, author and director

BERTSCHINGER, Claire, DSocSci 2008; Brunel graduate; nurse, aid worker and human rights activist

BILIMORIA, Karan Faridoon, DBus 2005; Founder and Chief Executive of Cobra Beer

BIRNEY, Dr Ewan, DSc 2014; One of the founders of the Ensembl genome browser

BLAKE, Sir Peter, DHum 2010; Artist

BLOCH, Dr Alfred, DTech 1976; Electrical Engineer, Professor Emeritus, Munich Technical University

BOFF, Elsie, MUniv 1992; Former Mayor of Hillingdon

BOLL, Heinrich, DTech 1973; Writer

BONFIELD Sir Peter, DTech 1997; Chief Executive of BT plc.

BONNEY, Norman, Former member of staff, Director of the Computer Centre

BOURN, Sir John, LLD 1995; Comptroller and Auditor General

BOWDEN, Roger, DTech 2006; Brunel graduate; engineer; founder and owner of Niftylift Ltd

BRAGG, Lord Melvyn, Baron of Wigton, DSc 2000; British broadcaster, author and parliamentarian

BRAGG, DR Stephen, DTech 1982; Vice-Chancellor, Brunel University 1971-1981

BRAND, Jo, DSocSci 2006; Brunel graduate; writer, comedian and actress

BRAWN, Ross, DEng 2006; Ferrari Technical Director

BREWER, Professor John, DSocSci 2012; Sociologist

BROOK, Dr Maurice, DSc 1992; Biologist; former Director of Research (Consumer Products) Beecham Group Plc

BROOK, Professor Richard, DEng 2001; Scientist; Chief Executive EPSRC

BROWN, Rt Hon Dr Gordon, DUniv 1996; Member of Parliament

BROWN, Lord Wilfred Banks Duncan, DTech 1966; Managing Director of the Glacier Metal Company; Brunel's first Pro-Chancellor

BUNKER, Henry James, DTech 1969; Industrial mycologist

BURGESS, Margaret Ann, DSocSci 2009; Brunel graduate; nurse and founder of Promise Nepal

BURRELL, Denis James, DTech 2000; Chairman and Managing Director of Martin-Baker Aircraft

BUTLER-SLOSS, Dame Elizabeth, LLD 1992; Lord Justice of Appeal

BYATT, Sir Ian, DUniv 1994; Director General of Water Services

CASSELS, Sir John, DEd 1997; Director, National Commission on Education

CASTELL, Sir William, DSocSci 2004; Chief Executive of Amersham plc

CHARTRES, Rt Revd, Rt Hon Richard, DD 1999; Bishop of London

CHISHOLM, Sir John, DEng 2006; Chairman of QinetiQ

CARE, Patrick John, MTech 1974; Retired School Adviser, London Borough of Hillingdon, Secretary of the West of London School Technology Group

CHALLIS, Dr Anthony, DTech 1982; Director of Polymer Engineering Directorate (PED) of the Science Research Council

CHANDLER, Edward R, DUniv 1983; Academic Registrar, Brunel University

CHAKRABARTI, Shami CBE; Director of Liberty, HonDLitt 2015

CHAPMAN, Professor Sydney, DTech 1968; Professor of Geophysics and Adviser to the Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska

CHRISTODOULOU, Dr Anastasios, DUniv 1996; Secretary General of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (October 1980 - May 1996)

CHRISTOPHERSON, Sir Derman, DTech 1979; Mathematician, Vice-Chancellor of Durham University

CLARKSON, Jeremy, DUniv 2003; Broadcaster, journalist and writer

CLAY-JONES, Amanda; Head of Brand at Telefonica

CLEMENTS, Judi, DSocSci 1997; Brunel graduate; Chief Executive of MIND

COCHRANE, Professor Peter, DEng 2002; Electrical Engineer

COLLINS, Dr Gillian, MUniv 1998; British and Foreign School Society; member of WLIHE Govenors

COLLATZ, Professor Lothar, DUniv 1977; Professor of Mathematics at the Institut für Angewandte Mathematik, Universität Hamburg 

CORBETT, Graham, DUniv 1995; Chief Financial Officer of Eurotunnel plc and Eurotunnel SA

COTERILL Rev Peter, DUniv 1996; Former Principal, London Bible College

COVA, Carlos Perez de la, DUniv 1977; Venezuelan Ambassador to the UK

COX, Lord Harold Roxbee, Baron Kings Norton, DTech 1966; Engineer, Chairman of Metal Box

CRACKNELL, James, MUniv 2001; Brunel graduate; Athlete

CRAWFORD, Lincoln, LLD 1999; Brunel graduate; barrister

CRAXTON, Cllr Michael, MUniv 1996; Hillingdon Borough Council and Mayor of Hillingdon

CROISDALE-APPLEBY, David, DSc 2011; Brunel graduate; public servant

CURTIS, Alastair Stuart, DEng 2009; Brunel graduate; Head of Design, Nokia

DANKWORTH, Sir John, DMus 2007; Performer, composer and conductor

DAVIES, E R, DTech 1970; Former Director of Research at Kodak

DAVISON, Stan, MUniv 2001; Trade union leader and community advocate

DEPLY, Professor David, DSc 2010; Chief Executive of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

DICKENSON, Paul, MUniv 2005; Brunel graduate; athlete, sports commentator

DIAZANI, Professor Mario, DUniv 1978; Director of the Institute of General Pathology, University of Turin and Dean of the University's Faculty of Medicine

DIRKEN, Professor dr J M, DUniv 1989; Rector Magnificus of the Delft University of Technology

DOCHERTY, David; Chief Executive of the National Centre for Universities and Business, HonDBus 2016

DOUGLAS, Professor Mary, DSocSci 2001; Anthropologist

DUCKWORTH, Dr Eric, DTech 1976; Head of the Fulmer Research Institute

DUNSTONE, Charles, DBus 2007; Co-founder and chairman of mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse

DYSON, James, DTech 1999; Inventor, industrial designer and founder of the Dyson Company

EARNSHAW, Eric, DTech 1969; Aeronautical engineer; Vice-Chairman of Joseph Lucas and of Rotax

EASTHAM, John, DTech 1999; Chief of Product Technology at British Aerospace (Operations)

EDGE, Professor Gordon, DTech 1990; Associate Professor in the Department of Manufacturing and Engineering Systems, founder and Chief Executive of Scientific Generics

EGAN, Sir John, DTech 1997; Group Chief Executive British Airports Authority

ELLWOOD, Jeffrey, DBus 2009; Chair of Council

ENGEL, Professor Charles, DSc 1998; Scholar and educationalist

ETHERINGTON, Stuart, DSc 2000; Brunel graduate; Chief Executive National Council for Voluntary Organisations

EVANS, Robert, DUniv 1998; Member of the European Parliament

FALLOW, John Ronald Thomlinson, MUniv 1993; Operations Manager, British Gas

FELL, Heather, Brunel graduate, Athlete

FIGES, Dr Eva, DLitt 2002; Arts Council Creative Writing Fellow at Brunel University London from 1977-79

FILKIN, Elizabeth, DSocSci 2002; Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards; Chairman of the Board of Stanelco plc

FLEMING, John Stanton, DSocSci 2003; Member of Council; Chair of the Finance Committee; Chief Advisor to the Governor of the Bank of England

FORBES, Muriel, DTech 1966; Member of Middlesex County Council; Governor of Brunel College; member of Brunel University Council

FORREST, Dr John, Dtech 1995; Deputy Chairman, National Transcommunications Ltd

FRANK, Dr Andrew, DSc 2003; Medical Doctor; Honorary Professor Associate of the University's Department of Health and Social Care

FRANKENBURG, Professor Ronald, DSocSci 1999; Professor Associate of Anthropology, Brunel University

FRAYN, Michael, DLitt 2002; Journalist, Playwright and novelist

FRYE, Dr Michael, DUniv 2001; Chairman of Nyne plc; member of the Further Education Funding Council; Chairman and Founder of West London Leadership

GALLAGHER, Edward, DSc 1999; Chief Executive of the Environment Agency

GALLOWAY, Rev Professor Peter, DLitt 2009; Chaplain of The Queen's Chapel of the Savoy and Chaplain of the Royal Victorian Order

GARDINER, John, DUniv 1985; Director of ICL plc and Courtaulds plc; Chair of Council, Brunel University

GEARTY, Professor Conor, LLD 2012; Professor of Human Rights Law in LSE’s Law Department

GENT, Christopher, DSc 2000; Chief Executive of Vodafone AirTouch

GEORGE, Brian, DTech 1994; Brunel graduate; Executive Director of Planning and Construction, Nuclear Electric

GIFFARD, Lord John, Earl of Halsbury, DTech 1966; Chancellor of Brunel University

GILL, David, MUniv 2002; Head of Innovation and Technology Unit for HSBC

GLOVER, Dr Jane, LLB 1996; Conductor

GOODWIN, Dr Leonard George, DSc 1986; Director of the Nuffield Insititute of Comparative Medicine; Director of Science to the Zoological Society; Director of the Wellcome Museum of Medical Science

GRANT, L A, BTech 1972; Deputy Buildings and Estates Officer, Brunel University

GREAVES, Walter, DBus 2005; Engineer; Chair of the Enterprise Initiative and the Employers Advisory Board Chair of Council, Brunel University

GREGSON, Lord John, Baron Gregson of Stockport, DTech 1989; Chairman of the Brunel University Faculty of Technology Visiting Committee; Chair of Fairey Nuclear Ltd

GROVE, Elizabeth, DUniv 2002; Occupational Therapist; former first Health Officer at the Department of Health and Social Security

GUEST, John, MUniv 1996; Managing Director and founder of John Guest Limited; corporate member of the Brunel Business Partnership 1990-1994

GYLLENHAMMAR, Dr Pehr, DTech 1987; Chairman of Volvo

HALSBURY Lord, Managing Director of the National Research Development Corporation; Member of the House of Lords; Chairman of the committee on decimal currency; Brunel University London Chancellor, 1966.

HANCOCK Lewis Harry, Senior Lecturer in Production Technology; University Senate and Council Member; Member of Governing Body and Academic Board of Brunel College, 1972.

HANSPAL Professor Rajiv, Medical Director at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability, Putney; Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine, 2012.

HARRIS Professor R J C, Director of the Microbiological Research Establishment, Ministry of Defence; Active member of the Advisory Panel for Chemistry;

HARRISON Audley, Olympic and Professional Boxer, 2003.

HASLAM Sir Robert, Deputy Chairman and Chairman-Designate of the National Coal Board; Chairman of British Coal; Chairman of British Steel Corporation & Tate and Lyle Plc, 1987.

HEIGHT Professor Frank Sydney, Professor Emeritus in Industrial Design; Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering & the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, the Chartered Society of Designers & the Royal Society of Arts. External Assessor for Brunel University, 1993.

HENDERSON Sir Denys, Chairman of Imperial Chemical Industries, 1987.

HENSLEY, John, Engineer and Deputy Mayor/Councillor

HERINGTON Dr E F G, Distinguished Physical Chemist; Editor for the Physical Chemistry Division of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, 1977.

HERRMANN Dr Norbert, International Exchange Co-ordinator; Researcher & Mathematician, Honorary degree of Doctor of the University, 2002.

HICKOX Richard, Conductor; founder of the City of London Sinforia, 2003

HILL Richard, Brunel graduate; athlete, 2002.

HILLSON Rowan Mary, National Clinical Director for Diabetes; Consultant Physician in diabetes & endocrinology at Hillingdon Hospital, 2011.

HODGE Patricia, Brunel Graduate; Actor, 2001.

HODKINSON Steven Robert, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Development & External Relations, 2008

HOFFMAN Michael, Former Thames Water Group Chief Executive; Former member of the Monopolies and Mergers Commission; Freeman of the City of London; Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineers, 1998.

HOLENDA Dr Jiri, Mathematician; Stakeholder in Pilsen Institute of Technology, 1998.

HOLLIDAY Lesley, Associate Professor Polymer Science; Director of Vinyl Recoveries Ltd; Co-founder & director of Holliday-Crawley Ltd; Former Chairman of the Materials Science Club, 1972.

HOLMES Dame Kelly, Olympic Gold medallist; 2009.

HUGHES Rev Selwyn, Founded Crusade for World Revival (CWR); Christian author, 2005.

HUMPHREY Professor J H, considered a founding father of modern immununology; external examiner; Vice-President and subsequently President of the International Union of Immunological Societies, 1979.

HUNT Dr John, Medical Officer, 1995.

HURN Sir Roger, Chairman of GEC; Deputy Chairman of Glaxo Wellcome plc; Non-executive Director of ICI; Chairman of the Court of Governors of Henley Management College; Chief Executive & Chairman of Smiths Industries, 1999.

HURD Rt Hon Lord of Westwell, Member of Parliament; Member of the House of Lords, 2009.

HUSEN Professor Torsten, Social scientist; Chair of the International Institute for Educational Planning; Chair of the International Educational Achievements Study; 1974.

HUXLEY Sir Andrew F, Fellow & Presindent of the Royal Society; Shared the Nobel Prize for Medicine, 1988.


HANCOCK, Lewis Harry, MTech 1972; Senior Lecturer in Production Technology, Brunel University

HANSPAL, Professor Rajiv, DSc 2012; Medical Director at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability, Putney; Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine

HARRIS, Professor Robert, DTech 1973; Director, Microbiological Research Establishment, Ministry of Defence

HASLAM, Sir Robert, DTech 1987; Deputy Chairman and Chairman-Designate of the National Coal Board;  Chairman of British Coal; chairman of British Steel Corporation and Chairman of Tate and Lyle Plc

HARRISON, Audley, MUniv 2003; Brunel graduate; Athlete

HART-DAVIS, Dr Adam, DUniv 2007; Photographer, writer and presenter

HAYMAN Rt Hon 2012; Baroness, Lord Speaker of the House of Lords; Privy Counsellor; Co-president of the UK branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association

HEIGHT, Professor Frank, DUniv 1993; Professor Emeritus in Industrial Design at the Royal College of Art

HENDERSON, Sir Denys, DUniv 1987; Imperial Chemical Industries

HERINGTON, Dr Ernest, DTech 1977; Physical chemist

HERRMAN, Dr Norbert, DUniv 2002; Mathematician; International Exchange Co-ordinator

HICKOX, Richard, DMus 2003; Conductor; founder of the City of London Sinforia

HILL, Richard, MUniv 2002; Brunel graduate; athlete

HILLSON, Rowan, DSc 2011; National Clinical Director for Diabetes; and Consultant Physician in diabetes and endocrinology at Hillingdon Hospital

HODGE, Patricia, DLitt 2001; Brunel graduate; actor

HODKINSON, Steven, DUniv 2008; Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Development and External Relations

HOFFMAN, Michael, DEng (posthumously) 1998; Chairman of Council; Group Chief Executive Thames Water

HOGG, Lord Quintin McGarel, Baron Hailsham of St Marylebone - 1995; University Visitor

HOLENDA, Dr Jiri, DSc 1998; Rector of the University of West Bohemia at Pilsen

HOLMES, Dame Kelly, DUniv 2009; Athlete; founder of Dame Kelly Holmes Trust

HOLLIDAY, Leslie, DTech 1972; Associate Professor Polymer Science, Brunel University

HOOKER, DR S G, DTech 1968; Technical Director (Aero) of Bristol Siddeley Engines Ltd

HUGHES, Rev Selwyn, DD 2005; Founded Crusade for World Revival (CWR); Christian author

HUMPHREY, Professor John, DUniv 1979; Immunologist; Vice-President and President of the International Union of Immunological Societies

HURN, Sir Roger, DUniv 1999; Chairman of GEC

HUNT, Dr John, MUniv 1995; Medical Officer, Brunel University

HUNTER, Professor Jackie CBE; Chief Executive Officer of Stratified Medical, HonDSc 2016

HURD, Rt Hon Douglas Richard, Baron Hurd of Westwell, LLD 2009; Member of Parliament; Member of the House of Lords

HUSÉN, Professor Torsten, DTech 1974; Swedish educationist; Professor of Education, Stockholm University

HUXLEY, Sir Andrew, DSc 1988; President of the Royal Society; Nobel Prize for Medicine

INGLOTT, Professor Father Peter Serracino 1993; Rector of the University of Malta and Chair of the Malta Council for Science and Technology

IRVING, Professor Harry, DTech 1970; Professor of Inorganic and Structural Chemistry and Head of Department at Leeds University

IVES, Andrew, DEng 2006; Brunel graduate; engineer with Lucas Group Research Centre 

JARRATT, Alexander, DUniv 1979; Director of Reed International Limited and also Managing Director of International Publishing Corporation (IPC).

JENKS, Barbara, DUniv 2013; Therapeutic counsellor

JACOBI, Sir Derek, DLitt 2007; Actor

JACKSON, Steve, DHum 2010; Games entrepreneur

JEFFERIES, David, DTech 1992; Chairman of National Grid Company Plc

JOHN, Dr Robert, DEng 2012; Chief Executive for TWI; Runs his own consulting company, Kernow Technology Engineering

JOHNSON, Boris, LLD 2007; Member of Parliament

JONES, Dr Francis, DTech1969; Managing Director, Mullards

JONES, Sir Philip, DTech 1998; Director of Total Oil GB; Chair of HEFC Wales

KANE, Professor John, DUniv 1996; Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Brunel University; former Principal of the West London Institute of Higher Education

KEETON, Professor George, DUniv 1977; Associate Professor; instrumental in setting up of law teaching at Brunel

KEMPNER, Professor Thomas, DUniv 1990; Principal of Henley Management College

KENDRICK, Graham, DD 2000; Singer and songwriter.

KEENE, Sir David, LLD 2001; Barrister; Lord Justice of Appeal; Brunel Visitor

KNIGHT, Judith, DHum 2012; Co-Director and founder of Artsadmin

KILBURN, Professor Tom, DUniv 1977; Developed the world’s first stored program computer

KINGMAN, Sir John, DSc 2004; Director of the Isaac Newton Institute at Cambridge, and N M Rothschild and Sons Professor of Mathematical Science

KINGSMILL, Denise, LLD 2001; Deputy Chair of the Competition Commission

KINNOCK, Glenys, LLD 1996; Member of the European Parliament

KLAUS, His Excellency Václav, DSocSci 2004; President of the Czech Republic

KLERK, Frederik Willem de - 1996; South African politician; former South African President

KOGAN, Professor Maurice, DUniv 1991; Founding professor of government and social administration, Brunel University

KUBASCHEWSKI, Dr Oswald, DTech 1971; Deputy Chief Scientific Officer at the National Physical Laboratory

LAMB, Professor Sarah; Kadoorie Professor of Rehabilitation and Director of the Centre for Statistics in Medicine and the Oxford Clinical Trials at the University of Oxford, HonDSc 2016

LAMPL Sir Peter, Chairman & founder of the Sutton Trust, 2004.

LANGRIDGE Arthur, General Manager at Westinghouse Brake English Electric Semiconductors Ltd; Member of the Department of Physics Advisory Committee, 1972.

LAINE Dame Cleo, Musician; Actor; Honorary degree of Doctor of Music, 2007.

LAY Kenneth, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Enron; Member of the Texas Business Hall of Fame; Serves on the Board of Directors for Compaq Computer Corporation, Eli Lilley and Co & Trust Company of the West;

LAYARD Professor Richard, Professor of Economics; Consultant to the Treasury & special adviser to the House of Commons Select Committee on Employment, 1998.

LEATHAM Dorian Clement Ashton, Chief Executive of the London Borough of Hillingdon, 2000.

LEGG Sir Thomas, Lord Chancellor's Permanent Secretary & Clerk of the Crown in Chancery; University Visitor

LENTON, Margaret, former Principal of Slough Grammar School

LEVER Rt Hon Harold, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Government fincancial adviser; 1975.

LEWINTON Sir Chriostopher, Chief Executive & Deputy Chairman of TI Group plc; Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, 1997.

LEWIS Prefessor Frederic D, Executive Director of the American Judicature Society; Dean and Professor of Law, 1975.

LIDDINGTON Baron Joel Joffe of, Human Rights lawyer, founding Trustee of Action on Disability and Development; Trustee of International Alert, 2004.

LYNCH Professor Patrick, Associate Professor of Political Economy; Chair of Aer Lingus; Former Private Secretary to the Irish Prime Minister; External examiner, 1976.

MACK, Lee, DHum 2012; Brunel graduate; stand-up comedian and actor

MANN, Patricia, DUniv 1996; Non-executive director of British Gas plc and Vice President International and Board Director of J Walter Thompson Co Ltd

MANSER, Albert, DTech 1969; Chief Mechanical Engineer (Railways) at the Chiswick Works of London Transport

MAXWELL, Dr Robert, DUniv 1993; Secretary and Chief Executive of the King Edward's Hospital Fund for London

MAY, Sir Robert, DSc 1999; Chief Scientific Advisor and Head of Office of Science and Technology

MAYGLOTHING, Rosie, DSc 2014; Graduate; athlete

MAYOR, Professor Federico, DSc 1989; Director-General of UNESCO

MCGRATH, John, DSc 2002; Brunel graduate; former Chief Executive of Diageo

MENTER, Sir James Woodham, DTech 1974; Director of Research and Development at Tube Investments Ltd

MERKURIEV, Professor Stamislav, DSc 1992; Physicist; Rector of St Petersbury University

METAIS, Dr Joanna Le, DEd 2000; Brunel graduate; directed the international office at the National Foundation for Educational Research

MIRRLEES, Professor James, DSocSci 1997; Professor of Economics

MOORCROFT, David, MUniv 2004; Athlete; Chief executive of the sport's national governing body

MOORE, Professor Gillian, DMus 2006; Artistic Director of the London Sinfonietta

MORRIS, Oswald, DHum 1997; Director of film photography

MORTON, Sir Alastair, DUniv 1992; Chairman of Eurotunnel plc and Group Chief Executive of the bi-national Eurotunnel Group

MORTIMER, John, DUniv 1990; Barrister, playwright and author

MOSER, Sir Claus, DTech 1981; Professor of Social Statistics at the London School of Economics

MOTION, Professor Andrew, DLitt 2000; Poet Laureate

MUIR, Dr Helen, DSc 1990; Director of the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology; Head of Biochemistry

MURPHY, John, DSocSci 2001; Brunel graduate; established 'Interbrand'- a brand name creation company; started St Peter's Brewery Group plc

MURRAY, Jenni,DLitt 2009; Journalist and broadcaster

NEAVE, David, LLD 1999; Secretary-General and Registrar, Brunel University

NERO, Franco, DLitt 2011; Actor

NICOLI, Eric, DEng 2003; Chairman of the EMI Group

NIXON, Sir Edwin, DTech 1986; Chairman and Chief Executive and Managing Director of IBM (UK)

NYMAN, Michael, DMus 2010; Composer

OK, Professor Chun Chae, DD 2003; Theologian; Professor Emeritus, Ewha Womans University Seoul

ORCHARD, Professor Stephen, DHum 2000; Chairman of the British and Foreign School Society

PAGET Sir John, Director and General Manager of D Napier and Son; Former Director of Glacier Metal Group; Chair of the Governing Body of Brunel College, 1976.

PANJABI Archie, Emmy award-winning Actor; Honorary degree of Doctor of Letters, 2011.

PAPODOPOLOUS Dr George, Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development, 1991.

PARTRIDGE Edna, Wing Commander & Deputy Lieutenant in the Royal Auxiliary Air Force; Honorary degree of Doctor of the University, 2007.

PASCOE Alan, Great Britain Olympian and gold medalist; Sporting entrepreneur; 1997.

PEACOCK Professor Alan, Economic Advisor to the Department of Trade and Industry; Professor of Public Finance; Fellow of the British Academy, 1989.

PEARCE Kenneth, Historian, 1997.

PIPPARD Professor Alfred John Sutton, Professor of Civil Engineering; Chairman or the Thames Pollution Committee; Fellow of the Royal Society; President of the Institution of Civil engineers, 1968.

PLATT Denise, Director of Social Services for the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham; Chief Inspector of the Social Services Inspectorate and Joint Head of the Social Care Group at the Department of Health, 1998.

PORTER Professor Sir George, Fellow of the Royal Society; Director and Fullerian Professor of Chemistry; Awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry; Former President of the Royal Society 1988.

POTTER Dr David, Member of the London Regional Council of the CB1; Vice Chairman of LondonLink; Member of the HEFCE, 1998.

PUTTNAM Lord David, of Queensgate, Chair & Chief Executive of Columbia Pictures; Founding Chair of the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts; President of UNICEF UK, 2004.

PASCOE, Alan, DUniv 1997; Brunel graduate and lecturer; athlete

PANJABI, Archie, DLitt 2011; Brunel graduate, actor

PRICE, Clifford (Goldie), DSocSci 2010; DJ and actor

PAGET, Sir John, DTech 1976; Director and General Manager of D Napier and Son; Director of Glacier Metal Group; Director of Rank Precision Industries Ltd

PAPADOPOULOS, Dr George, DUniv 1991; Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) with specialised responsibility for education and training matters

PARISH, Professor Richard, DSc 2014; Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Health

PARTRIDGE, Edna, Wing Commander, DUniv 2007; Commanding Officer of No 600 (City of London) Squadron RAuxAF; Representative Deputy Lieutenant for the London Borough of Hillingdon

PEACOCK, Professor Sir Alan, DUniv 1989; Economic Advisor; Chairman of the Government Committee of Inquiry into the financing of the BBC

PEARCE, Kenneth, MUniv 1997; Local Historian

PIPPARD, Professor Alfred, DTech 1968; Professor of Civil Engineering and Head of Department at Imperial College

PLATT, Denise, DScoSci 1998; Under-secretary, Social Services

PORTER, Professor Sir George, DSc 1988; Director and Fullerian Professor of Chemistry at the Royal Institution

POTTER, Dr David, DSc 1998; Member of the National Committee of Inquiry into Higher Education; Member of HEFCE

PUTTMAN, Lord David, Baron Puttnam of Queensgate, DHum 2004; Film Producer;  President of UNICEF UK.


QUIRK, Sir Randoph, DUniv 1988; Vice-Chancellor, University of London

RANDALL, Paulette MBE; TV and Theatre Director, HonDHum 2015

REDGRAVE, Vanessa, DLitt 2011; Actor

REDMOND, Sir James, DTech 1991; Director of Engineering at BBC Television

REEDIE, Sir Craig, LLD 2009; Chairman of the British Olympic Association

RICHARDSON, Dame Mary, DEd 2005; Chief Executive of the HSBC Education Trust

RIDEAL, Sir Eric Keightley, DTech 1967; Professor of Physical Chemistry at Kings College, London

RIGBY, Brian, MUniv 2004; Chairman of the Trustees of the Anglo-German Foundation

RILEY, David, DBus 2013; Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Brunel University; founded Mandeville Recruitment Group

RIMMER, Dr Diana, DSc 2010; Consultant Microbiologist at the Hillingdon Hospital NHS Trust; Member of Brunel Council

ROBERTS, Professor Alan, DTech 2007; Consultant Clinical Scientist in the Centre for Clinical Prosthetics at St Luke's Hospital and Director of Research and Development at Bradford Hospitals NHS Trust

ROBERTS, Dr Bernard, DUniv 1989; Pianist

ROBERTSON, Geoffrey Ronald QC, LLD 2010; Founder and head of Doughty Street Chambers

ROBERTSON, Grace, DEd 2007; Brunel graduate; photojournalist

ROBINSON, Professor Joan, DTech 1972; Professor of Economics at the University of Cambridge

ROBSON, Edward, DSc 1999; Director of the Teaching Company Diectorate

ROBSON, Thomas, DSocSci 2000; Chief Executive Officer and Director of HSBC Bank Malta Group

ROCKLEY, J C, MTech 1972; Senior professional in the Harefield establishment of the Aeronautical Quality Assurance Department; Lecturer in Physics Department at Brunel University

ROTHWELL, Professor Dame Nancy DBE; President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Manchester, HonDSc 2015 

RYLANCE, Mark, DLitt - 2009; Actor, theatre director and playwright

SAINSBURY, Lord David, Baron Sainsbury of Turville, DEd 2009; Chairman of JD Sainsbury

SCARDINO, Marlorie, LLD 1999; Chief Executive of Pearson plc

SCARMAN, Lord Leslie George, Baron Scarman, DUniv 1987; Lord of Appeal; Chairman of the Law Commission

SCHWARTZEL, Professor Heinz, DTech 1990; Head and Executive Director of Corporate Research and Technology Laboratories of Siemens AG

SEDGWICK, Dr John, MUniv 2003; University's Medical Officer and its Occupational Health Physician

SHARMAN, Dr Helen, DSc 2010; Chemist; astronaut

SHEASBY, John Michael, DUniv 2008; Financial Management - Set up and implemented a worldwide governance, risk management and internal audit process for Glaxo Wellcome.

SHERSBY,  Michael, DUniv 1994; Member of Parliament; MP for Uxbridge

SHORT, Dr Mike, DEng 2013; Served on Brunel's Industrial Advisory Panel; Telefónica Europe’s Vice-President of Public Affairs

SIMS, Dr R, DUniv 1989; Director General, Research and Development at the National Coal Board; Chief Executive Finance at BOC Ltd; and Group Engineering Director of the Delta Group Ltd

SINCLAIR, Iain, DLitt 2007; Writer and film-maker

SKELLON, Dr Joe, DTech 1968; Head of Department of Chemistry, Brunel College

SHEPPARD, Sir Allen, DUniv 1994; Chairman of Grand Metropolitan plc

SHEPPARD, Richard, DTech 1972; Architect

SHRIGLEY John, DUniv 2003; Personnel Director at General Electric Company (GEC-2002)

SHIRLEY, Dame Stephanie, DSc 2005; Businessperson; advocate of Autism awareness and founder of The Shirley Foundation

SHIRLEY-QUIRK John, DUniv 1981; Bass-baritone

SOMEREN, Ellinor van, DTech 1974; Contribution researcher in the field of medical entomology

SOTHERTON, Kelly, MUniv 2009; Athlete

SPOTTISWOODE, Clare, DUniv 1997; Director General of Gas Supply

STEEL, Rt Hon Lord David, Baron Steel of Aikwood, LLD 2010; Member of Parliament

STERLING, Michael, DUniv 2008; Vice-Chancellor, Brunel University (1990-2001)

STERLING, Wendy, DUniv 2002; Treasurer and then Vice-President, Economics and Business Education Association

STIER, Professor Anton, DSc 1991; Biomedical researcher

STOPPARD, Tom, DUniv 1979; Playwright

STOTT, Rev Dr John, DD 1997; Chaplain to Elizabeth II (1959-1991).

STRAW, Jack, LLD 2007; Member of Parliament

STUCHBERY, Arthur, DTech 1970; Chief Production Engineer at the Metal Box Company; Chairman of Brunel University Council

SUGAR, Sir Alan, DSc 2005; Entrepreneur and Business person

SUTHERLAND, Rory, DLitt 2012; Author of the Spectator’s fortnightly Wiki-Man column on technology and the web; Vice-Chairman of Ogilvy UK

SUZMAN, Dame Helen, DUniv 1991; South African anti-apartheid activist and politician

SYKES, Sir Richard, DSc 1994; Chief Executive of the Glaxo group

SZENT-GYORGYI, Professor Albert, DSc 1984; Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 

TAYLOR, Sir Cyril, DEd 2005; Founded the American Institute for Foreign Study; Founded Richmond, The American International University in London;

TAYLOR, Dr John, DEng 2000; Director General of Research Councils

TEMPLE, Chris; Director of Insurance of Colfax Corporation

TEMPLEMAN, Geoffrey, DTech 1974; Vice-Chancellor, University of Kent

THATCHER, Rt Hon Lady Margaret, Baroness Thatcher, 1996; House of Lords, former Prime Minister (1979-1990)

THURSTON, Ernest Norman, MTech 1982; Group Training Manager for the Dowty Group of Companies

THORNTON, Janet, DTech 2008; Director of the European Bioinformatics Institute on the Wellcome Trust

THORNEYCROFT SMITH, Christopher; Brunel graduate, former CEO at IVECO

TITMUSS, Professor Richard, DTech 1971; Professor of Social Administration at the London School of Economics; architect of the Welfare State

TOPPING, Dr James, DTech 1967; Vice-Chancellor, Brunel University 1966-1971

TRIER, Peter, DTech 1975; Director of Philips Electronic and Associated Industries Ltd; Chair of Brunel University London Council

TRY, Hugh, DUniv 1993

TROTTER, Dame Janet, DEd 2004; Brunel graduate; Director of the Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education; Vice-Chancellor and Principal, University of Gloucestershire

TUFFENTSAMMER, Professor Karl, DTech 1976; Professor and Head of the Institute of Machine Tools in the University of Stuttgart

URRY, Professor Syd, DUniv 1994; Head of Building Technology, Brunel University

VAJDA, Dr Steven, DTech 1970; Researcher in mathematical techniques of operational research

VAN SOMERAN Ellinor C C,1974; Leading Medical researcher; Writer

VERMA, Ash; Chair for Harrow in Business

VOSTRACKY,Professor Zdenek, DEng 2001
Rector of the University of West Bohemia in the Czech Republic

WADDILOVE, Lewis, DUniv 1978; Director of the Rowntree Memorial Trust Fund

WAKEHAM, Lord John, Baron Wakeham of Maldon, DUniv 1998; Chancellor of the University

WALLACE, Professor Kenneth, DEng 2011; Co-Director of the BAE SYSTEMS/Rolls-Royce University Technology Partnership (UTP) for Design

WALLIS, Edmund, DTech 1996; Chief Executive of Powergen; Member of the Court of Governors of Henley Management College;

WATTS, John, DUniv 1993; Former MP for Slough

WEBB, Thomas, DUniv 2012; MD of the London Tourist Board and Convention Bureau

WEDDERBURN, Professor Dorothy, DUniv 1990; Principal of Royal Holloway and Bedford Now College; Pro Vice Chancellor of the University of London

WEEDON, Professor Basil, DTech 1975; Professor of Organic Chemistry at Queen Mary College, University of London

WHITE, Mark, DEng 2011; Chief Technical Specialist for Jaguar Land Rover

WICKS, Rt Hon Malcolm, DSocSci 2009; Member of Parliament

WIESNER, Dr Christoph, DEng 2014; Chief Executive TWI

WILD, Ann, MUniv 2005; Brunel graduate; Para-Olympic Athlete

WILD, Professor Ray, DUniv 2001; Principal of the Henley Management College; Seconded from Henley to be First Head of the Department of Management and Engineering Systems at Brunel

WILKINSON, Dr James Hardy, DTech 1971; World authority on numerical aspects of linear algebra and computing; Part-time lecturer at Brunel University

WILKINSON, Jay; Former member of staff, Director of the Arts Centre

WILLIAMS, Dr Peter, DSc 1997; Physicist; Chairman of Oxford Instruments

WILLIAMS, Dr Robert, DSc 1982; Senior Consultant Otologist; Professor Associate in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Brunel University

WINSTANLEY, Brian, DUniv 1980; Secretary General, Brunel University

WOLFF, Professor Heinz, DSc 2003; Founded and Director of the Institute for Bioengineering; Emeritus Professor of Bioengineering at Brunel University

WOLSTENHOLME, Sir Gordon, DTech 1981; Director of the Ciba Foundation

WOODBRIDGE, Anthony Rivers, DUniv 2000; Solicitor

WORBOYS, Sir Walter, DTech 1967; Chairman of the Royal Society of Arts: Chairman of the Brunel's first Academic Advisory Committee, 1963; 

WRIGHT, J W 1982; Physicist (Physics of the Atmosphere)

WHYTE, Greg: Brunel graduate, Professor of Applied Sport and Exercise Science, Liverpool John Moore’s University

YACOUB, Dr Magdi, DSc 1985; Consultant cardiothoracic surgeon

YOUNGER, James, DSocSci 2009; Chair of Electoral Commission; Chair of the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education

ZAHLER, Dr George, DTech 2001; Council Member of the Scientific Instrument Manufacturers Association; Member of the Advisory Council for Calibration and Measurement under the auspices of the Department of Trade and Industry

ZIENKIEWICZ, Professor Olgierd, DSc 1993; Originator of the finite element technique