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Student Charter

The Brunel Student Charter summarises the way that our students, staff and the Union of Brunel Students work in a three way partnership to develop a high quality education experience, generating employable and community-aware graduates who are responsible for themselves as learners and as individuals.

The University is expected to:
  1. Provide high standards of teaching, academic support, advice, guidance and professional support.
  2. Encourage students to seek study support through pastoral and academic assistance and to enable the development and progression of their studies from academic staff feedback.
  3. Provide programmes of study and extra-curricular activities which prepare students for their life beyond University.
  4. Provide a wide range sporting and extra-curricular facilities that are prioritised for and accessible to students.
  5. Provide an inclusive, accessible, secure and safe environment for work and study on campus.
  6. Work in partnership with the Union of Brunel Students as the recognised, representative voice of Brunel students to ensure that student interests are considered and actively sought in all decision making.
  7. Support and promote the Union’s democratic election and training of Student Representatives, ensuring that staff encourage students’ participation in these processes and enable these representatives to shape their programmes of study through informal and formal channels.
  8. Provide clear and transparent information on regulations, policies and costs.
  9. Provide suitable learning resources and to ensure that relevant investment is made in our learning resources, including teaching spaces, the Library and IT Services.
  10. Provide, maintain and identify official communications routes for students, ensuring that clear and timely information is available.
As a student, you are expected to: 
  1. Take responsibility for your development as an independent learner by attending and actively engaging in all the education activities your programme provides.
  2. Comply with the rules and regulations of the University and your programme of study.
  3. Submit your assignments and/or assessed work on time and ensure the work is your own.
  4. Ensure that your College is made aware of any circumstances, such as illness or any other matter which might affect your attendance and participation in your studies.
  5. Regularly check University-established channels of communication, including but not limited to, Brunel email accounts and Virtual Learning Environment announcements.
  6. Develop your understanding of academic and professional integrity in preparation for employment.
  7. Contribute to the feedback opportunities presented, ensuring that the university experience can be improved for both you and your successors.
  8. Pay all fees and charges at the agreed time, ensuring that you engage with available support should any difficulty arise.
  9. Engage with the appropriate student representation opportunities in a timely fashion, enabling your views to positively influence the quality of learning and teaching.
  10. Take advantage of the wider opportunities offered at University.
The Students' Union is expected to:
  1. Be the independent, recognised voice of Brunel students acting for the benefit of Brunel students at all times, ensuring that a sustainable, membership led Union thrives as a result.
  2. Uphold its core values, working towards an equality of experience for its members and ensuring that all students are aware of their rights and responsibilities.
  3. Be a powerful lobbying organisation, campaigning on the issues that matter and relate to its members within Brunel University London, locally and nationally.
  4. Drive student participation in quality enhancement activities, taking responsibility for the election, training and support of Student Reps and ensuring the voice of Brunel students is considered and actively sought in the development of University plans and policies.
  5. Provide guidance, support and representation to its members in their academic or personal life, in a confidential setting free from undue influence of the University (or any other external body).
  6. Develop and make available timely, relevant information and proactive strategies to empower students to overcome or avoid obstacles in their life at Brunel.
  7. Support and organise all student sports clubs and societies ensuring that Brunel students have the opportunity to enhance their overall experience, and that participants in these groups receive personal and professional development opportunities.
  8. Engage and communicate with Brunel students, listening to their views and seeking to understand their experiences in order to effectively represent and empower them to drive positive change at institutional, local and national levels.
  9. Fulfill its obligations as a democratic student driven organisation, delivering fair and transparent elections processes for all leadership positions, and providing an accessible structure for students to influence and prioritise Union policy.