Alison Carrol**



I studied at the universities of Exeter and Rennes II (Haute Bretagne), and after completing my PhD I moved to Murray Edwards College (the University of Cambridge) to take up a Junior Research Fellowship. After a Lectureship in Modern History at Birkbeck (University of London), I joined Brunel as Lecturer in European History in August 2011 and was promoted to Senior Lecturer in October 2015.

My research has been funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the British Academy, the Royal Historical Society, the Society for the Study of French History, the German History Society and the Scouloudi Foundation. In 2010, I won the Etienne Baluze Prize in European Regional History and in 2016 I will be Visiting Fellow at the Institute of European Global Studies at the University of Basle.

Media work includes Europe Today (BBC World Service), Making History (BBC Radio 4) and the Proms 2015 (BBC World Service).


  • PhD in History
  • MA in European History
  • BA (Hons) in History with European Study

Research area(s)

  • Modern European History
  • Borders and borderlands
  • French and German political history
  • Nations and nation-building

Membership and affiliation

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Member of the French History Society
  • Member of the German History Society

I have been on the organizing committee of the Modern French History Seminar at the Institute of Historical Research since 2011, and convened the seminar between 2012-2015.

I have also organized conferences at the Maison Française d’Oxford (2012), Brunel University (2013), the Institute of Historical Research (2015) and the Institut Français du Royaume Uni (2015) and in 2014 I co-founded the French History Network blog for doctoral and post-doctoral researchers interested in French History.

I have acted as an External Examiner on the MRes in Arts at the University of Glasgow and am the current External Examiner for the BA in History at the University of Teesside.


Research interests

I am a historian of modern Europe, and am particularly interested in borders and borderlands as sites of contact and exchange in European history. My work to date has focused on the Franco-German border region of Alsace, and I have looked at how this region shaped and reflected broader developments in interwar European history, how the region’s Socialist Party negotiated the transfer from the German to French movement, and what Alsace tells us about issues of identity and citizenship in modern Europe.

Research project(s) and grant(s)

Current Projects

The Return of Alsace to France (1918-1939)

I am working on a project that considers the political, cultural, social and economic implications of Alsace’s transfer from German to French rule, and explores the region’s role as a site of exchange and conflict in modern Europe.

A comparative study of borders and borderlands in nineteenth and twentieth century Europe.

In 2015 I will begin work on a new project that aims to think comparatively about border regions as sites of contact and exchange (as well as limits) in modern Europe.

Funded by the Brunel Research Initiative and Enterprise Fund (£14,977) and the Centre for European Global Studies, the University of Basle (CHF 12,000)

Entangled Memories, Minority Rights & the Remaking of Europe : The Banatais & the Malgré-Nous (1945-1951) (With Dr Laure Humbert, University of Manchester).

I am working on a project that will investigate the place of minorities in the making of postwar Europe with a comparative study of two groups on the margins of national memory: the Alsatian Malgré-Nous and the Banatais from central-eastern Europe.



Alison Carrol is on leave in the 2016/17 academic year.


PhD Supervision

Artemis Ignatidou ‘A transnational approach to the construction of Greek national identity’ (Started January 2014)

Selected Publications

Journal articles

Carrol, A.   (2013)   'In the border's shadow: Reimagining urban spaces in Strasbourg, 1918-1939'. Journal of Contemporary History, 48 (4).  pp. 666 - 687. doi: 10.1177/0022009413493941 Download publication 

Carrol, A.   (2012)   'Les historiens anglophones et l'Alsace: une fascination durable'. Revue d'Alsace, 138 pp. 265 - 283. 

Carrol, A.   (2011)   'Regional republicans: The Alsatian Socialists and the politics of primary schooling in Alsace, 1918–1939'. French Historical Studies, 34 (2).  pp. 299 - 325. doi: 10.1215/00161071-1157385 Download publication 

Carrol, A.  and Zanoun, L.   (2011)   'The View from the Border.A Comparative Study of Autonomism in Alsace and the Moselle, 1918-1929,’'. European Review of History, 18 pp. 465 - 486. doi: 10.1080/13507486.2011.590184 

Carrol, A.   (2011)   'La SFIO et l’Intégration Nationale.Socialisme Régionale et Identité Nationale en Alsace, 1918-1919'. Revue d'Alsace, 137 pp. 483 - 493. 

Carrol, A.   (2010)   'Socialism and national identity in Alsace from Reichsland to République, 1890-1921'. European History Quarterly, 40 (1).  pp. 57 - 78. 


Broch, L.  and Carrol, A.   (2014) France in an Era of Global War, 1914-1945: Occupation, Politics, Empire and Entanglements. Basingstoke:  Palgrave Macmillan 

Book chapters

Carrol, A.  (2014)   ''The 1924 Strasbourg Colonial Exhibition.'', in Whalen, P.  and Young, P. (eds.) 'Place and Locality in Modern France.'.  Bloomsbury 

Carrol, A.  (2011)   'The Socialist Party and the Return of Alsace to France', in National Identities in France.  Rutgers Transactions Press pp. 47 - 64. 

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