Daniele Rugo



My main interests are in world cinema, film-philosophy and documentary. My filmmaking projects explore the interaction between theory and practice, with a specific focus on landscape.

I am the recipient of an AHRC Innovation Grant for the project Following The Wires. The project uses film practice, sociology and anthropology to look at the disruption in electricity services following the cycle of conflicts that have affected Lebanon. The project intends to reach non-academic constituencies through a documentary film.

Before joining Brunel in 2013 I have taught at Goldsmiths, University of London, Dartmouth College (US) and University of Melbourne.

Research area(s)

· World Cinema

· Film-Philosophy

· Film practice

· Documentary

Membership and affiliation

Affiliate - Centre for Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies, American University of Beirut.


Research interests

My research is situated at the intersection between world cinema, film-philosophy and documentary.

My second monograph 'Philosophy and The Patience of Film' (with preface by philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy) deals with the relation between film and philosophy by looking at the work of Kiarostami, Makhmalbaf, Farhadi, Jia Zhangke and Ceylan among others. 

The interdisciplinary project ‘Follow The Wires’ (funded by the AHRC) uses film to look at disruptions following the conflicts that have affected Lebanon. The outputs include a documentary film, an exhibition and three journal articles.

My current project ‘The Look of Energy’ (Researcher Idea Award) uses film practice as a way to assess aesthetic responses to new energy-driven landscapes in collaboration with affected communities.



World Cinema, Alternative Film, Documentary, Film Theory and Practice

Selected Publications

Journal articles

Rugo, D. , Weaver, A. , Abi Ghanem, D.  and Kastrinou, M.   (2017)   'Dark Beirut. The (in)visibility of electricity'. Jadaliyya. Arab Studies InstituteDownload publication 

Rugo, D.   (2017)   'Asghar Farhadi: Acknowledging Hybrid Traditions: Iran, Hollywood and Transnational Cinema'. Third Text, 30 (3-4).  pp. 173 - 187. doi: 10.1080/09528822.2017.1278876 Download publication 

Rugo, D.   (2016)   'England, That Desert Island. Patrick Keiller's Spatial Fictions'. Cultural Politics, 12 (3).  pp. 263 - 278. doi: 10.1215/17432197-3648834 Download publication 

Rugo, D.   (2015)   'More or less, and nothing in between'. Continental Philosophy Review, 48 (3).  pp. 391 - 396. doi: 10.1007/s11007-015-9338-0 Download publication 

Rugo, D.   (2015)   'The Patience of Film. Cavell, Nancy and a thought for the world'. Angelaki: Journal of the Theoretical Humanities, 20 (4).  pp. 23 - 35. doi: 10.1080/0969725X.2015.1096628 Download publication 

Rugo, D.   (2015)   'The Pedagogy of Political Film. Elio Petri’s Todo Modo'. Studies in European Cinema, 12 (2).  pp. 106 - 117. doi: 10.1080/17411548.2015.1033157 Download publication 

Rugo, D.   (2014)   'The Overlook: On Patrick Keiller’s The View from The Train'. Senses of Cinema

Rugo, D.   (2013)   'To sign one’s life (with cinema): Francesco Rosi'. Senses of Cinema

Rugo, D.   (2013)   'A School for Everyone. Alain Badiou's Cinema'. Senses of Cinema

Rugo, D.   (2013)   'Truth After cinema: The explosion of facts in the documentary films of Jia Zhangke'. Asian Cinema, 24 (2).  pp. 195 - 208. doi: 10.1386/ac.24.2.195_1 Download publication 

Rugo, D.   (2013)   'Marco Ferreri: The task of cinema and the end of the world'. Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies, 1 (2).  pp. 129 - 141. doi: 10.1386/jicms.1.2.129_1 Download publication 

Rugo, D.   (2012)   'Le cinema de Leos Carax. L'experience du déjà-vu'. Film-philosophy, 16 (1).  pp. 243 - 245. 

Rugo, D.   (2012)   'The logic of the unauthorized lover:Jacques Rancière’s Les écarts du cinema'. Senses of Cinema

Rugo, D.   (2012)   'Contrapuntal close-up: The cinema of John Cassavetes and the agitation of sense'. Film-Philosophy, 16 (1).  pp. 183 - 198. 

Rugo, D.   (2011)   'What Cinema Is! & The Personal Camera'. Scope. An Online Journal of Film and Television Studies

Rugo, D.   (2010)   'In Praise of W. Robert Walser and initiation'. Dartmouth Journal of Comparative Literature, 1 (1).  


Rugo, D.  and Lübecker, N.   (2017) James Benning's Environments. Politics, Ecology, Duration. Edinburgh:  Edinburgh University Press 

Rugo, D.   (2016) Philosophy and The Patience of Film in Cavell and Nancy. London:  Palgrave 

Rugo, D.   (2013) Jean-Luc Nancy and the thinking of otherness: Philosophy and powers of existence. London; New York:  Bloomsbury 

Book chapters

Rugo, D.  (2016)   'The End Goes On... The Desert, the jam and the last days of Italy', in Cavallini, R. (ed.) Requiem for a Nation. Religion and Politics in post-war Italian Cinema.  Mimesis International pp. 135 - 148. 

Scholarly Editions

Rugo, D. , Kastrinou, M.  and Abi Ghanem, D.   (2016) Following the Wires: Conflict and Power Outages in Beirut.   

Abi Ghanem, D. , Rugo, D.  and Kastrinou, M.   (2016) Power Cuts and Development: Following the Wires in Post-war Beirut.   

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