John Balmer



Professor John M.T. Balmer BA (Hons). MBA (Dunelm), PhD, A.Mus.TCL, Dip.M, PGCE
is Director of the Centre for Research in Marketing and holds a personal chair as Professor of Marketing. He is   quondam Professor of Corporate Brand/Identity Management at Bradford School of Management where he is also Visiting Professor. Read for a first degree the University of Reading followed by two periods of postgraduate studies at The University of Durham  in education (University College) and business administration. He is an elected member of the senior common rooms at University College and Collingwood College at The University of Durham. Took a PhD  in corporate identity at the University of Strathclyde University  in 1996, and within 3 years was elected Professor of Corporate Identity at Bradford University School of Management. He subsequently was conferred the title of Professor of Corporate Brand/Identity Management in the same University in recognition of his seminal scholarship on both territories. In a similar vein, in 2007, he was appointed Professor of Corporate Marketing at Brunel University, London. All three Professorial positions are understood to be the first appointments of their kind.

Since the early 1990s, he has been a leading proponent, and tireless advocate, of the strategic importance of corporate identity, corporate brands and corporate marketing to scholars and practitioners alike and is known for his seminal articles on these areas. Published the first academic articles on corporate brands, corporate marketing and corporate heritage identity he also co-conceived the corporate heritage brand concept. In addition, he is known for his writing on the British Monarchy as a corporate brand/Monarchies as corporate brands along with his work on the BBC, British Airways and British Building Societies. His seminal articles in the above areas which have been published in leading journals such as the California Management Review, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Business Research, Journal of General Management,  Long Range Planning, British Journal of Management.

Since the early 1990s, he has served as a guest editor/joint guest editor of around 25 special editions of academic journals. Arguably, these special editions have greatly facilitated the establishment of a distinct canon in the corporate brand, corporate identity, corporate marketing and, more recently, corporate heritage domains. He is the founder, chairman, and conference organiser of the International Corporate Identity Group (ICIG). The ICIG\'s aim is to advance awareness, scholarship and the dissemination of best practice in the corporate identity, corporate brand and corporate marketing territories. Established in 1994, an ICIG symposium has been held in most years at prominent seats of learning since then in the UK, Asia, Africa and Europe. He is also the Founder and Chairman of the International Symposium on Corporate Heritage, History and Nostalgia and has organised/co-organised an annual symposium which has been held in Finland, Sweden as well as the UK.

Professor Balmer is  is a well-known educationalist and conceived and developed the MBA, MSc, and BA (Honours) electives in corporate identity/corporate branding and corporate marketing at Strathclyde Business School (where he was the Director of the International Centre for Corporate Identity Studies) and at Bradford School of Management and has also run executive-level MBA electives for organisations such as the BBC, and Emirates Airways. He was the first director of the landmark MSc in Corporate Brand Management at Brunel Business School. He serves as Chairman of the Senior Consulting Editorial Board for Journal of Brand Management and is a long-standing member of the editorial board of the European Journal of Marketing.

Research area(s)

  • Corporate Marketing
  • Corporate Identity and Corporate Brand Management
  • Corporate Heritage Brands




Foundation Course: MSc Corporate Brand Management ; Course Director: MSc Corporate Brand Management; Tutor re the MSc course in corporate identity ; Communications and reputation

Selected Publications

Journal articles

Balmer, JMT.   (2017)   'Advances in corporate brand, corporate heritage, corporate identity and corporate marketing scholarship.'. European Journal of MarketingDownload publication 

Balmer, JMT.   (2017)   'The corporate identity, total corporate communications, stakeholders’ attributed identities, identifications and behaviours continuum.'. European Journal of MarketingDownload publication 

Balmer, JMT.  and Chen, WF.   (2017)   'Corporate heritage brands, augmented role identity and customer satisfaction.'. European Journal of MarketingDownload publication 

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Balmer, JMT.  and Wang, W-Y.   (2015)   'Why Business School Managers are a Key Corporate Brand Stakeholder Group'. International Studies of Management and Organisations

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