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Professor Julian Petley

Professor Julian Petley
Professor Screen Media And Journalism

Gaskell Building 164


During his career, Julian has moved back and forth between working in the media and teaching about the media, and although he has been a full-time academic for the past twenty years he is still an active freelance journalist, now publishing mainly online in sites such as Open Democracy, The Conversation, and Inform. He is also a member of the editorial board of the British Journalism Review and of the advisory board of Index on Censorship. As a member of the National Council of the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom and a supporter of Hacked Off he actively campaigns for media which  are both free from restrictions which stop  them from performing  their proper social functions but, equally importantly, behave responsibly and display the same degree of openness and public accountability which  they habitually demand from other institutions. This work involves making numerous submissions to official enquiries of one kind or another (including the Leveson Inquiry), giving evidence to parliamentary select committees, liaising with like-minded civil society groups, and maintaining a high media profile. All of this activity feeds directly into his teaching and research at Brunel.