Mustafa Ozbilgin



Director of Research and Professor of Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour and Associate Dean (Equality & Diversity)

I am a Professor of Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour and the Associate Dean for Equality and Diversity at the College of Arts, Business and Social Sciences (CBASS). I conduct research and publish on equality, diversity and inclusion at work from comparative and international perspectives. I am the editor in chief of the European Academy of Management, the official journal of the European Academy of Management and serve at the Editorial Boards of journals such as Academy of Management Learning and Education, British Journal of Management and Gender Work and Organization. I have founded and directed for ten years the annual international conference, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. I currently chair positions at the Université Paris-Dauphine and Koç University, Istanbul. I have held visiting appointments among others at Cornell University, Japan Institute of Labour and Training, Macquarie University, Patheon-Assas University of Paris, and University of Sydney, among others. Previously I held academic posts at University of East Anglia, Queen Mary University of London, University of Surrey and University of Hertfordshire. I haveresearched, consulted and co-ordinated projects for governments, the European  Union, European Commission, Economic and Social Research Council, British Academy and professional bodies such as the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and state regulators such as the Equality and Human Rights Commission as well as commercial organisations. I have extensive experience of supervising doctoral students to completion and teaching at executive education programmes.

Research area(s)

  • Global diversity management
  • Comparative employment relations
  • Social and organisational change
  • Discrimination at work
  • International perspectives on equality at work
  • Intersecting inequalities at work
  • Academic labour process

Additional Information

Curriculum Vitae

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Research interests

My research interests focuses on equality, diversity and inclusion at work from international and comparative perspectives, drawing mainly on sociology theory. In particular, I am interested in engaged scholarship that can support the development of theory and practices that promote equality, diversity, inclusion and human rights across public, private and voluntary sector organisations in Britain and internationally. I have published in journals such as Academy of Management Review, Human Resource Management, Journal of Vocational Behaviour and Human Relations, and have published or edited 15 books and numerous special issues.

Research group(s)



Global Diversity Management; Qualitative Research Methods; International Human Resource Management

Selected Publications

Journal articles

Özbilgin, M. , Tatli, A. , Ipek, G.  and Sameer, M.   (2016)   'Four approaches to accounting for diversity in global organisations'. Critical Perspectives on Accounting, 35 pp. 88 - 99. doi: 10.1016/ Download publication 

Ergur, A. , Yamak, S.  and Özbilgin, M.   (2015)   'Understanding the changing nature of the relationship between the state and business elites'. Research in the Sociology of Organizations, 43 pp. 107 - 129. doi: 10.1108/S0733-558X20150000043016 

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Tatli, A. , Nicolopoulou, K. , Oezbilgin, M. , Karatas-Ozkan, M.  and Oeztuerk, MB.   (2015)   'Questioning impact: interconnection between extra-organizational resources and agency of equality and diversity officers'. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, 26 (9).  pp. 1243 - 1258. doi: 10.1080/09585192.2014.934893 

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Yamak, S. , Ergur, A. , Ünsal, A. , Uygur, S.  and Özbilgin, M.   (2014)   'Between a rock and a hard place: corporate elites in the context of religion and secularism in Turkey'. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 26 (11).  pp. 1474 - 1497. doi: 10.1080/09585192.2014.938678 Download publication 

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Baruch, Y. , Ghobadian, A.  and Ozbilgin, M.   (2013)   'Open Access the Wrong Response to a Complex Question: The Case of the Finch Report'. BRITISH JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT, 24 (2).  pp. 147 - 155. doi: 10.1111/1467-8551.12016 

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Book chapters

Balta, ME.  (2014)   'Employee retention', in Ozbilgin, M. , Groutsis, D.  and Harvey, W. (eds.) International Human Resource Management.  Cambridge University Press 

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