Nick Hubble



Nick Hubble is Reader in English and Co-Director of the Brunel Centre for Contemporary Writing (BCCW).

Nick holds a BA in Philosophy and Literature (Essex), a PGCE in Secondary English (Sussex), an MA in Critical Theory (Sussex), a DPhil in English Literature (Sussex) and a PGCert in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (Brunel).

Nick’s research interests include modern and contemporary literature; science fiction and fantasy; Mass Observation; proletarian fiction; the cultural history of suburbia; and the social humanities.

Research area(s)

  • Mass-Observation
  • Modern and Contemporary British Literature (1900 – )
  • ‘Social Humanities’ and Interdisciplinary Narrative Research
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy




Nick teaches on EN2014 Modernism, EN2604 Contemporary British Fiction, EN2065 Genre Fictions and the MA in English.

Nick is currently supervising several PhD projects on topics such as the Culture novels of Iain M Banks and Transformations in Fantasy Fiction. Email queries are welcome concerning any aspect of modern and contemporary literature, science fiction and fantasy or Mass Observation related topics.

Selected Publications

Journal articles

Hubble, N.   (2016)   'Christopher Priest and the Persistence of the New Wave'. Foundation: the international review of science fiction. pp. 48 - 60. Download publication 

Hubble, N.   (2015)   'Looking Back on the 1930s without Being Anti-Communist: Cornford, Orwell, Spender, Sommerfield'. Literature and History, 24 (1).  Download publication 

Hubble, N.  and Tew, P.   (2014)   '"There is No Doubt that I'm Old": Everyday Narratives of Ageing'. EnterText, 11 pp. 139 - 157. Download publication 

Casey, E. , Courage, F.  and Hubble, N.   (2014)   'Special Section Introduction: Mass Observation as Method'. Sociological Research Online, 19 (3).  doi: 10.5153/sro.3448 Download publication 

Hubble, N.   (2012)   'John Sommerfield and Mass-Observation'. The Space Between: literature and culture, 1914-1945, 8 (1).  pp. 131 - 151. Download publication 

Hubble, N.   (2011)   'Late Intermodernism: B.S. Johnson, Charles Madge and Twentieth-Century Britain'. Critical Engagements: A Journal of Criticism and Theory, 4 (1&2).  pp. 55 - 79. 

Hubble, N.   (2011)   '"In the twentieth century, and the heart of civilisation”: The London of the Forsytes'. Literary London Journal, 9 (1).  Download publication 

Hubble, N.   (2010)   'Mass Observation Online (review article)'. Reviews in HistoryDownload publication 

Hubble, N.   (2010)   'The liminal persistence of interwar suburbs in the twenty-first century'. EnterText, 8 pp. 113 - 132. Download publication 

Hubble, N.   (2009)   '‘The freedom of the city’: Mansfield and Woolf'. Literary London Journal, 7 (1).  Download publication 

Hubble, N.   (2008)   'Historical psychology, utopian dreams and other fool’s errands'. Modernist Cultures, 3 (2).  pp. 192 - 207. Download publication 

Hubble, N.   (2007)   'Virtual histories and counterfactual myths: Christopher Priest’s The Separation'. Extrapolation, 48 (3).  pp. 450 - 461. Download publication 

Hubble, N.   (2005)   'Five English disaster novels, 1951-1972'. Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction, 95 (3).  pp. 89 - 103. Download publication 

Hubble, N.   (2002)   'Imagined and imaginary whales: George Orwell, Benedict Anderson and Salman Rushdie'. World Literature Written in English, 40 (1).  pp. 29 - 41. doi: 10.1080/17449850208589373 Download publication 

Hubble, N.   (2001)   ''Charles Madge and Mass-Observation are At Home: From Anthropogy to War, and After''. New Formations: a journal of culture/theory/politics, 44 pp. 76 - 89. 


Hubble, N. , Tew, P.  and Taylor, J.   (2017) Ageing in the Welfare State.  Bloomsbury Academic (forthcoming) 

Hubble, N.   (2017) The Proletarian Answer to the Modernist Question.  Edinburgh University Press 

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Hubble, N.   (2006) Mass-Observation and Everyday Life: Culture, History, Theory.  Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan 

Book chapters

Hubble, N.  (2017)   'The Making of the Working Class: Proletarian Writing in the 1930s', in Kohlmann, B.  and Taunton, M. (eds.) A History of 1930s British Literature.  Cambridge University Press (forthcoming) 

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