Peter Thomas**



Senior Lecturer, Senior Tutor and Director of Undergraduate Programmes

Room: Marie Jahoda Room 229


Tel: +44 (0)1895 267573

Dr Peter D. Thomas has studied and worked at the University of Queensland, Freie Universität Berlin, L’Università “Federico II”, Naples, the University of Amsterdam and the University of Vienna. He has previously been a research fellow at the Finnish Academy, Helsinki, and the Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht, and has been a recipient of Australian, British, German, Italian and Dutch research fellowships.

He has published widely on Marxist political theory and philosophy (particularly Gramsci), the history of political thought and the history of philosophy.He has also translated the work of Roberto Finelli, Antonio Negri, Mario Tronti and Slavoj Zizek, among others. He is a member of the Editorial Board of Historical Materialism: Research in Critical Marxist Theory, and co-editor of the Historical Materialism Book Series. He also coordinates the English translation and publication of articles from Das historisch-kritische Wörterbuch des Marxismus (HKWM) in the pages of Historical Materialism.


  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • PhD (Amsterdam)
  • MA (Queensland)
  • BA (Hons) (Queensland)

Research area(s)

  • History of political thought and philosophy
  • Conceptual history
  • Philosophy of history
  • Italian political philosophy
  • Marxist philosophy and theory
  • Contemporary social and cultural theory

Membership and affiliation

  • Member of the Editorial Board of Historical Materialism: research in critical Marxist theory, London
  • Co-Editor of Historical Materialism Book Series, Brill
  • Translator and Coordinator of English edition of Das historisch-kritische Wörterbuch des Marxismus (Berlin)
  • Conference Organising Committee of Annual Historical Materialism Conference, London, 2004 –
  • Seminar Organising Committee, Marxism in Culture, ULU, London, 2011 –
  • Member of the International Gramsci Society
  • Guest Professor at the University of Vienna, 2011-2012
  • Visitor at the Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton, 2012-2013
  • Member of the Editorial Board of the International Gramsci Journal.
  • Member of the Board of Directors, Gramsciana. Rivista internazionale di studi su Antonio Gramsci.
  • Member of the International Scientific Committee of theScuola internazionale di studi gramsciani Ghilarza Summer School.


Research interests

Dr Thomas's research interests include the history of political thought and philosophy, Marxist philosophy and theory, and contemporary social and cultural theory. He is currently working on a study of central themes in contemporary radical political thought, including notions of the nature of politics and processes of politicization, the relationship between politics and the political, and the concept of the political subject. He is also working on a collection of documents and critical essays related to Gramsci’s time in Russia (with Professor Craig Brandist of the University of Sheffield, funded by a British Academy grant).

Research project(s) and grant(s)


University of Cagliari Visiting Scientists Programme/Regione Autonoma della Sardegna
A Gramscian Approach to James Joyce: 'Ulysses' and the Subaltern
2015 - 2016
Dr Peter D. Thomas (co-PI) in collaboration with Prof. Mauro Pala of the University of Cagliari


British Academy Small Research Grants Scheme
Antonio Gramsci in Russia 1922-25
2011 – 2012
Dr Peter D. Thomas (co-PI) in collaboration with Prof. Craig Brandist of Sheffield University

Finnish Academy Research Grant
The Concept of Conjecture in Media Studies and the Social Sciences Althusser
300,000 EUR
2009 - 2011
Prof. Dr Esa Väliverronen (PI)
Dr Peter D. Thomas (CI) In collaboration with Dr Juha Koivisto and Dr Mikko Lahtinen


Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht
Encountering Althusser
21,750 EUR
2009 - 2011
Dr Peter D. Thomas (co-PI) in collaboration with Dr Katja Diefenbach, Dr Gal Kirn and Dr Sara R. Farris



Undergraduate Programmes

Module convenor

  • The State and Revolution (Yr 2)
  • Crisis and Critique (Yr 3)

Module contributor

  • Central Themes  in Political Thought (Yr 1)

Postgraduate Programmes

Module convenor
  • Revolution and Counter-revolution in Twentieth Century Political Thought


Research supervision

Adam Fabry (Brunel University London): The construction, reformation and deformation of neoliberal hegemony in Hungary: from the “transition” of the 1980s to the crisis of 2007-2010; 2009–2013. Award of PhD: May 2014.

Daniel Hartley (Justus Liebig University Giessen): The Politics of Style: British and American Marxist Literary Theory; 2010–2014. Award of PhD (summa cum laude): May 2014.

Alen Suceska (Goethe Universität, Frankfurt am Main): Language, Consciousness, Ideology. 2011–2014. Award of PhD (magna cuma laude): February 2015.

Nathaniel Boyd (Brunel University): “Hegel’s Concept of the Estates”. 2011– 2015. Award of PhD: June 2015.

Aaron Bernstein (King’s College London): “From the Theses on Feuerbach to the Philosophy of Praxis: Marx, Gramsci, Philosophy and Politics”. 2011–2015. Award of PhD: February 2016 (Elsevier Outstanding PhD Thesis Award).

Matthijs Krul (Brunel University): “Markets, Institutions, Embeddedness: A Theoretical Study of the New Institutionalist Economic History of Douglass C. North”. 2012–2015. Award of PhD: March 2016.

Alastair Mordaunt (Brunel University London): Machiavelli and Conflict. 2014–

Selected Publications

Journal articles

Thomas, PD.   (2015)   'A Primeira Guerra Mundial e as teorias marxistas da revolução'. Revista Outubro. pp. 5 - 35. Download publication 

Thomas, PD.   (2017)   'The Modern Prince: Gramsci's Reading of Machiavelli'. History of Political Thought, XXXVIII (3).  pp. 523 - 544. Download publication 

Thomas, PD.   (2015)   'Cosa rimane dei subalterni alla luce dello ‘Stato integrale’?'. The International Gramsci Journal, 1 (4).  pp. 83 - 93. Download publication 

Thomas, PD.   (2013)   'The Communist Hypothesis and the Question of Organization'. Theory and Event, 16 (4).  Download publication 

Thomas, PD.   (2013)   'Hegemony, Passive Revolution and the Modern Prince'. Thesis 11, 117 pp. 20 - 39. doi: 10.1177/0725513613493991 

Thomas, P.   (2012)   'Il momento gramsciano: passato, presente, futuro'. Critica marxista, 2012 (4).  

Reuten, G.  and Thomas, PD.   (2011)   'From the ‘fall of the rate of profit’ in the Grundrisse to the cyclical development of the profit rate in Capital'. Science and Society, 75 (1).  pp. 74 - 90. doi: 10.1521/siso.2011.75.1.74 

Thomas, PD.   (2010)   'Gramsci e il primato della politica'. Critica Marxista, 2/2010 pp. 52 - 61. 

Thomas, PD.   (2009)   'Gramsci and the Political : From the State as ‘Metaphysical Event’ to Hegemony as ‘Philosophical Fact’'. Radical Philosophy, 153 pp. 27 - 36. 

Thomas, PD.   (2006)   'Althusser, Gramsci e la non contemporaneità del presente'. Critica marxista

Thomas, P.   (2006)   'Modernity as “passive revolution”: Gramsci and the fundamental concepts of historical materialism'. Journal of the Canadian Historical Association, 17 (2).  pp. 61 - 78. doi: 10.7202/016590ar 

Thomas, P.   (2002)   'Philosophical strategies: Althusser and Spinoza'. Historical Materialism, 10 (3).  pp. 71 - 113. doi: 10.1163/15692060260289716 


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Thomas, PD.   (2009) The Gramscian Moment: Philosophy, Hegemony and Marxism. Leiden:  Brill Academic Press 

Book chapters

Thomas, PD.  (2015)   'La modernità come rivoluzione passiva: Gramsci e i concetti fondamentali del materialismo storico', in Boothman, D. , Giasi, F.  and Vacca, G. (eds.) Gramsci in Gran Bretagna.  Bologna Il Mulino 

Thomas, PD.  (2015)   'Gramsci’s Machiavellian Metaphor. Restaging The Prince', in Del Lucchese, F. , Morfino, V.  and Frosini, F. (eds.) The Radical Machiavelli: Politics, Philosophy and Language.  Leiden Brill 

Thomas, PD.  (2015)   'Gramsci’s Marxism: the ‘Philosophy of Praxis', in McNally, M. (ed.) Antonio Gramsci.  London Palgrave Macmillan 

Thomas, PD.  (2015)   'Uneven Developments, Combined: The First World War and Marxist Theories of Revolution', in Anievas, A. (ed.) Cataclysm 1914: The First World in the Making of Modern World Politics.  Leiden Brill 

Thomas, PD.  (2013)   'Intellettuali e egemonia: narrazioni di nazione-popolo', in Pala, M. (ed.) Narrazioni egemoniche.  Bologna Il Mulino 

Thomas, PD.  (2013)   'Gramsci e le temporalità plurali', in Tempora multa. Il governo del tempo.  Milan Mimesis 

Thomas, PD.  and Reuten, G.  (2013)   'Crisis and the Rate of Profit in Marx’s Laboratory', in Thomas, PD. , Starosta, G.  and Bellofiore, R. (eds.) In Marx’s Laboratory. Critical Interpretations of the Grundrisse.  Leiden Brill Academic Publishers 

Thomas, PD.  (2013)   'Althusser's Last Encounter: Gramsci', in Diefenbach, K. , Kirn, G. , Farris, SR.  and Thomas, PD. (eds.) Encountering Althusser. Politics and Materialism in Contemporary Radical Thought.  New York Bloomsbury 

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Thomas, PD.  (2009)   '“Coerenza/coerente”, “Filosofia speculativa”, “Filosofo e filosofo democratico”, “Fronte unico”, “Metafisica”, “Previsione”, “Storia a disegno”', in Liguori, G.  and Voza, P. (eds.) Dizionario gramsciano 1926 – 1937.  Rome Carocci 

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