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Dr Peter Thomas

Dr Peter Thomas
Under Graduate Programmes Leader - Politics & History

Marie Jahoda 229


Dr Peter D. Thomas has studied and worked at the University of Queensland, Freie Universität Berlin, L’Università “Federico II”, Naples, the University of Amsterdam and the University of Vienna. He has previously been a research fellow at the Finnish Academy, Helsinki, and the Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht, and has been a recipient of Australian, British, German, Italian and Dutch research fellowships.

He has published widely on Marxist political theory and philosophy (particularly Gramsci), the history of political thought and the history of philosophy.He has also translated the work of Roberto Finelli, Antonio Negri, Mario Tronti and Slavoj Zizek, among others. He is a member of the Editorial Board of Historical Materialism: Research in Critical Marxist Theory, and co-editor of the Historical Materialism Book Series. He also coordinates the English translation and publication of articles from Das historisch-kritische Wörterbuch des Marxismus (HKWM) in the pages of Historical Materialism.


  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • PhD (Amsterdam)
  • MA (Queensland)
  • BA (Hons) (Queensland)

Newest selected publications

Thomas, PD. (2017) 'The Plural Temporalities of Hegemony'. Rethinking Marxism: a journal of economics, culture and society, 29 (2). pp. 281 - 302. ISSN: 1475-8059 Open Access Link

Journal article

Thomas, PD. (2015) 'La modernità come rivoluzione passiva: Gramsci e i concetti fondamentali del materialismo storico', in Boothman, D., Giasi, F. and Vacca, G. (eds.) Gramsci in Gran Bretagna. Bologna : Il Mulino. ISBN 13: 9788815260949.

Book chapter

Thomas, PD. (2015) 'A Primeira Guerra Mundial e as teorias marxistas da revolução'. Revista Outubro. pp. 5 - 35. ISSN: 1516-6333 Open Access Link

Journal article

Finelli, R. (2015) 'A Failed Parricide: Hegel and the Young Marx'. Leiden: Brill. ISSN 13: 9789004269781


Thomas, PD. (2017) 'The Modern Prince: Gramsci's Reading of Machiavelli'. History of Political Thought, XXXVIII (3). pp. 523 - 544. ISSN: 0143-781X Open Access Link

Journal article
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