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Dr Peter Wilkin

Dr Peter Wilkin
Reader In Communications Media & Cultural Studies

Marie Jahoda 154


I worked at Lancaster University from 1994 in the Department of Politics and International Relations, and moved to Brunel in August 2005. My primary research interests have been in social and political theory and political economy as a way of understanding social processes such as: globalisation and social change, developments in global communication, political culture and the modern world-system, democracy and social conflict and anarchist social theory. I am currently involved in a number of projects relating to the concept of 'virtual solidarity' with regard to the role of revolutionary unions in the modern world-system and issues raised by corporate propaganda.


  • Phd Politics and IR (Southampton)

Newest selected publications

Wilkin, P. and Conteh, A. (2018) 'Neo-liberal Health Reforms and the Failure of Healthcare in Sierra Leone: The Case of the Ebola Crisis'. African Studies, 77 (3). ISSN: 0002-0184 Open Access Link

Journal article

Wilkin, P. (2018) 'The rise of 'illiberal' demcoracy: The Orbanisation of Hungarian political culture'. Journal of World-Systems Research. ISSN: 1076-156X Open Access Link

Journal article

Wilkin, P. (2016) 'Resurgent Racism and the Radical Right: Hungary and the New European Norm?'. Available at: Access Link


Wilkin, P. (2016) 'Hungary’s Crisis of Democracy The Road to Serfdom'. usa: Lexington Books. ISSN 13: 978-0-7391-8791-3


Wilkin, P. (2016) 'The Temptation of Evelyn Waugh: Portrait of the Artist as Tory Anarchist'. English Studies, 97 (7). ISSN: 0013-838X Open Access Link

Journal article
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