UseSmall Brunel logo

As the key symbol of Brunel, the logo should be used on all Brunel University publications, publicity items, stationery, web pages, forms, official documents and signage, both in printed and electronic media, unless a specific alternative is listed in the house style guide. It may only be used in the format illustrated and with no variations to the typography or missing elements.

The only exceptions to this rule are a limited number of ceremonial and other items of a high official nature such as degree certificates where the full University Coat of Arms may be employed.

Minimum size

The Brunel logo should never appear smaller than 16mm across.

Request a copy of the Brunel Logo

The logo is available in a variety of formats. For permission to access the logo, please complete the form: www.brunel.ac.uk/logo-request.

Please be aware that use of the logo on the cover of student work is only permissible at PhD level. 

Secondary logos

All academic departments of the University may use only their prescribed sub logo. A number of functions or services within the University may, with special approval, be permitted to have a separate logo but in a form that complements the corporate logo.

Such logos must be generated in an approved design and to an acceptable quality, and must be used in a secondary position when used with the full logo. Examples might include services that embrace a number of departmental functions or areas that have a distinct external public ‘face’ as well as being an internal department. 

Logos of third-party organisations with which the University is collaborating or that indicate a special award or status may be added according to approved formats.

Research Centre logos

The University has a formal approval process for Research Centres and Interdisciplinary Research Centres. Such status entitles the Centre to a bespoke branded logo for use on their letterhead or web pages.

Contact the Publications team when official Centre status has been approved.


Page last updated: Friday 01 August 2014