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Why I decided to study a postgraduate degree at Brunel

Posted: May 23 2023

Yusra, Aerospace Engineering MSc

The number of students who take Master’s degrees grows and, therefore, having only one degree can sometimes go unnoticed among candidates with more studies. Companies are in search of highly trained professionals who stand out for their soft skills and adequate technical skills to perform in an innovative and proactive manner in their job.

Doing a Master’s degree helps to differentiate yourself from others, you will open the doors to more job opportunities, where you will be considered for your experience, your knowledge, and the skills you have developed during this stage. Best of all, these positions are likely to pay more or bring more benefits to your life.

Postgraduate study will allow you to establish professional relationships, not only with colleagues, but also with staff members at the university.  Lecturers at Brunel were a fundamental part of my professional network. They are the first ones you should approach, so that they become your contacts, you must demonstrate that you are a good student and a professional person. This will help you step into the industry.

Master's degrees are generally quite flexible and up-to-date in terms of the latest trends in technology. You will have to carry out independent research projects to develop your ideas in a specific field that really interests you. As a postgraduate student at Brunel, you can attend extracurricular activities, meetings, talks and conferences, which will help you expand your knowledge in different topics, and to see them from different angles.

Students sitting in lecture

Also, if you are an international student and are thinking of doing your Master’s abroad, Brunel University London is a great option to broaden your connections, enrich your cultural level and improve on your soft skills.

International students smiling for a photo in front of a bus

One of the great benefits of studying a Master's degree is the improvement of employability. There are highly innovative Master's Degrees that prepare students to hold positions that are highly required by companies today. When choosing a job, you will realise that having a postgraduate degree will be very useful, because you will be able to opt for vacancies that are more interesting and that will have better pay. The experience, specialisation and training that you will acquire in a Master's degree will enable many companies to notice you.

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