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The Carer by Tienga Ngale

Posted: November 10 2022

Tienga Ngale, Social Work MSc
Tienga Ngale, Social Work MSc

Tienga Ngale, a Social Work MSc student wrote this poem about the journey of becoming a carer.

The Carer

I never planned to care
Not that I did care
I just never thought to care.
About being a carer. This carer.
Looking after anyone was not
Something I envisioned, desiderated or dreamed.
Not in my mind's eye
Not ever. Not like this. Not yet.

But when the moment came 
To care
I stepped up to answer my call to duty.
To care.
My work, I had to give up
My life, I returned from abroad ASAP
My finance, it is now for the breadline

I didn't care what I was to do.
It was my duty 
To be there,
For someone who needed Me.
My help and my support.
I, the spouse, the son, the sibling
I, the daughter, the neighbour, the foster
I, the parent, the relative, the adopted

I cared not about being a carer
I knew not of the identity of a carer
I wish not to be a carer
Not if it means my cared-for needs no help.
The more I care, the less I think of what I do
The longer I care, the less I care of my care

I do what I must do
I do what I need to do and
I do what I hope is the best 
I can DO
For my cared-for.
For that, you call me a carer.
An unpaid carer. A family carer. A care giver