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My Life As A Biomed Student

Posted: January 04 2019

I’m very glad I chose Biomedical Science, despite not getting into Medicine; the course has still opened many doors and possibilities in my future.

I am very pleased that I’m doing this course because it has challenged me academically and is helping me evaluate if I can handle a course like Medicine. Biomed is definitely not a breeze but it is the transition I need.

Biomed is quite balanced in terms of coursework and exam weighting. The lectures often help us to test our knowledge through informal multiple choice questions at the end of lectures and upload them on Blackboard Learn for students to access anytime.

My favourite modules across first and second year are Anatomy and Physiology, Principles of Human Disease and Metabolic Regulation. I like these best as they are mostly testing memory, however second year requires a lot of reading and choosing of knowledge from massive pieces of text. Science is definitely not all practical, it is very much so testing hypothesis and analysing theories.

The labs are very spacious and well equipped. Attendance throughout this course is paramount but, especially for labs. Labs allow me to practice my scientific knowledge and see it work; it also helps me put into practice my health and safety skills. Above all, it’s a great way to still be productive but not sit in a lecture all week; it breaks the pattern which makes it engaging.

I find the best way to study for me is writing and re-writing notes by hand and using a lot of colours. I also remember audibly which is why I also love the Panopto recordings of lectures on Blackboard Learn.

We are encouraged to attend talks and workshops about referencing, plagiarism, how to build a portfolio and how to use resources the University has offered, such as Library resources.

The Professional Development Centre are so helpful, they email so frequently about job and placement opportunities tailored to Biomed and encourage students to book consultation meetings for help with CVs and deciding what to do postgraduate.

Life after Biomed: Right now, like many students across the country, I want to study Medicine at a postgraduate level then go on to specialise in either Psychiatry or Dermatology