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Enjoy Uxbridge!

Posted: April 23 2019

Brunel University London

Hi everyone!

Uxbridge is the lovely town and home of Brunel University. Even if it is just 40 minutes away from Central London, sometimes you're just too busy to go or want to chill around and not spend a fortune in central, which is fine because you can find everything you need in Uxbridge.

There are plenty of good restaurants around if you're craving for tasty food.

One of my favorites is Bella Italia. You can find super delicious Italian food in a charming atmosphere. Pasta is just yummy, and if you have a Unidays account (which you can just sign up online in 2 minutes), there is 50% of that you can enjoy with your friends. Such a good deal, ha! If you find an alternative for Italian food, there are also AskItalian and Nonna Rosa in which you can find different kinds of delicious Italian food.

Another personal favorite of mine is called Red Iron Burgers. The place is so exciting because once you enter, it seems like a small place, but when you're seated at the back, you can see it is actually quite big and well-designed place. There are also group lodges which you can enjoy your birthday dinners, etc. Their burgers are halal and just so delightful!

You can also go for a pleasant desert "treat yourself day" in Creams Cafe, which has the best crepes and waffles so far!

If you're feeling like a drink after a busy library day, there are so many pubs in Uxbridge that I don't even know some of them. Malt Shovel, the Crown and Swan & Bottle are my top picks. They are so close to Isambard Complex; Malt Shovel and Swan & Bottle are excellent restaurants as well. Plus they have such cute decorations at Christmas time! The Crown is a local pub that you can watch football games in a real British Atmosphere! If you like Irish pubs, there is a place called The Three Tuns which you can enjoy music at the same time. If you are a person who loves drinking outside, The Fig Tree is your cup of tea since it has a glorious garden with cute lighting!

And the last one, everyone's love, ATIK. ATIK is the night club in Uxbridge which is basically another home of Brunel Students. Every party ends in ATIK. It is so big that even the first time I was there, I couldn't find the exit. I'm sure every night you will have in ATIK will be one of the bests! This year, every Wednesday was student night which was full of Brunel students but every day is a disco day in the UK, right!

Hope you will have wonderful times in our lovely and kind Uxbridge! Make sure you enjoy every minute of it and have so many good memories to remember :)