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Save money with student discounts all year round

Posted: July 02 2020

Khanh, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Design
Khanh, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Design

London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, but it does not mean you cannot enjoy a vibrant life here to your fullest. As a student, you will find yourself in countless discounts from shopping to transportation and recreation.

The Junction Food Outlet

Shopping and restaurant deals


This is a must-have app for every student. All discounts offering on UNiDAYS can help you save a great deal of money while buying nearly everything. From body care at Superdrug, new clothes from H&M or boohoo, to quick food delivery at Just Eat, new shoes from Nike, or your Amazon PRIME, new Apple items, all of them can be found at UNiDAYS. I believe it has become a habit for not just me, but also many other students, to check the app before making any purchase. You can easily find this app on App Store or Google Play. Just a quick registration with your Brunel email address and you are open to a world of incentives that can save you money every day.


TOTUM is quite similar to UNiDAYS; however, they are stronger at some points. TOTUM has a discount for grocery shopping at Co-op Food and a wider variety of markdowns in Travel. TOTUM + AGE ID card can be used as a proof of age everywhere. You can leave the worry of losing your ID at home with this card. This is essential to international students as it is very expensive and time-consuming to replace our BRP. You can easily get a TOTUM card Student Union office at Hamilton Centre.

Bus outside Brunel


Student Oyster Card

For those not staying on or near campus, this is a huge life-saver. This card can help you save 30% on adult-rate travelcards and Bus & Tram Pass season tickets. Remember this special rate does not apply for pay-as-you-go. You can register for Student Oyster Card on TfL page. The page will automatically ask Brunel to confirm your enrolment status and get back to you when it is ready.


This website offers plenty of discounts on flights, hotels, and tours. Free membership at StudentUniverse will allow you to “travel more and spend less”. This page should be on your list either when planning your trip to Europe or going back home.

Brunel Arts performances

Art soul

If you have a big love for musicals and orchestra music like me, you would love to check out TodayTix and Wigmore Hall. TodayTix sells theatre tickets across the UK. With their discount scheme for students, you can get £3 off for your first show and £1 off your next show. Also, don't forget to check the yearly London Theatre Week with full of great deals. Wigmore Hall has many concerts throughout the year. They offer £5 tickets for the audience under 35 years old at selected concerts. This means you can still enjoy this discount even when you have graduated.

Hope this small collection can help your student life be both affordable and eventful. Thanks for reading.