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How I manage online learning from home

Posted: June 24 2021

Artur, Management MSc
Artur, Management MSc

Learning from home is not an easy task and can be challenging for an extended period of time. Some people will adapt quickly, but others may need some time to find an appropriate routine that will help them thrive in their academic journey.

Studying from home means that you are most likely in a comfortable and low-pressure environment, where you feel comfortable doing tasks your own way. On the other hand, and with so many distractions, learning in a relaxed surrounding can be tricky and easy to procrastinate. Having to study from home constantly is not ideal, but we should try to maximize our potential with the available tools in times like these.

Here are some tips that I myself use in order to have a more productive study time and help me stay on track with my academic demands:

Get a designated study area

The desk in your bedroom, the kitchen table, it does not matter, have your own study zone and leave it to that, just for studying.

Studying desk

Clear your study area from any distractions

Scrolling through social media, watching TV in the background, taking a nap, or even cleaning your room are all activities that will keep you off track. Leave your phone in another room, turn off the TV, do not get distracted by any device, and focus on your studying goal.

Study dice

Create a timetable

At the end of the day, your job is to be a student, and why not give it the importance it deserves? Schedule your study hours, break them into subjects, and have small breaks to make sure you do not burn out (e.g., for every hour I study, I take a 15m break, I know it’s a lot, but it is what works for me).


Eat and sleep properly

It seems like this should go by without saying but resting and feeding your body properly will make you more efficient while studying since both your body and brain have the necessary tools to concentrate. It’s really easy to get distracted when your stomach is growling, or you feel like closing your eyes every other minute.