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My clearing experience

Posted: May 06 2019

Zixin, Psychology
Zixin, Psychology

Clearing. A word which brings fear to all A level students; the thought of not getting into your first choice at university. The feeling of anxiety and uncertainty of your future. However, as scary as it all may seem, my clearing experience changed my life and I’ve never looked back (lots more clichés incoming).

I remember choosing Bristol University as my first choice; needing an AAB to get into my course (psychology). However, when I woke up on results day, I opened up UCAS to find out that I had not got the grades. I had got BBC instead. I did receive a offer from my insurance, Portsmouth university, but because I had lived near the area for college, I wanted to experience a new place and new life; the one I had been looking forward to at Bristol. Straight away I knew I wanted to go into clearing. I called up Uni after Uni, until I called up Brunel university for clearing. Not only did they give me a sense of comfort over the phone, but they helped me through the whole process, making things very easy for me.

Prior to results day, the thought of going to University in London never appealed to me. But since I managed to get in through clearing, living in London and studying at Brunel has been great to say the least. I’ve met lots of new people, constantly learning and growing. The independence has been great and I have also gained lots of perspective.

Brunel has been a great resourceful university, helping me work towards my career, whilst living so close to all the great places in London has given me the city life. Things ended up working out really well and I have never regretted coming here. If anything, I’m happy I did not get into Bristol. So all I can say to all the students in college is try your best, but don’t worry because things will always work out in the end! :)