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Film Studies project - producing video content for charity

Posted: August 20 2021

Film Studies student project, Film Studies
Film Studies student project, Film Studies

A group of Film Studies students were hired to produce video content for a charity, DASH. They produced 44 videos to help DASH's clients apply for Personal Independence Payments and Universal Credit. 

Check out the playlist:

Brunel’s Business Resilience fund awarded our academic Niki Ashby, £10,000 to work with the charity to produce video content to help them support their clients online. Niki hired six Film Studies to help produce the video content under her direction.

Niki said “The feedback we’ve received from DASH is extremely positive and speaks volumes of the skill and professionalism of Brunel students. Our students have been able to use their craft in a real-world scenario that has the opportunity to have life-changing consequences for the audience that they reach. I’ve really been able to watch them blossom both as filmmakers and as individuals, and it’s been wonderful to work with them in this way.”

Find out what our Film Students hired to work on this project took away from the experience:

One of the students on the project, Luca Ponceta said "l I found this experience great. Both Niki and the people at DASH were very helpful and available to give us advice and point us in the right direction whenever we needed it. I’m glad that I took part in this project, and in the future I hope to be able to keep using my filmmaking skills to help people.”

Guste Skrupskaite explained that "the thing that attracted me to this project was the ability to use and expand my knowledge of editing and production, and to hopefully be able to help people. I have found this experience beneficial from a working perspective, building relationships, being able to work in teams. Overall this experience was pleasant and had a positive impact on me.”