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Finding friends at university in your first few weeks

Posted: February 02 2021

Just started university? Worried about being lonely and not being able to make friends?

Don’t worry! You are in the same boat as many other freshers. It’s much easier than you might think. Here are a few ideas you can try :)

a female student holding a mobile phone

Join online groups for freshers

One of the best ways to find friends in this era is definitely through social media. Join Facebook and WhatsApp groups and follow Instagram pages, run by university societies, departments, or management, etc. Try joining groups that you find relevant to your circumstances e.g. groups for students with similar visa status, accommodation, country, and hobbies, etc.

Brunel students playing wheelchair basketball

Attend clubs and societies events

Each university has a student union that runs several clubs and societies for students. Several events like meet and greet, games night, movie night is held by them throughout the year, where you can find people with similar interests. Also taking taster sessions for different sports is a good way to explore your hidden skills, at the same time as meeting other students, that might one day turn into your lifelong best friends!

Brunel students watching TV in accommodation kitchen

Say hi to your neighbours

Living in university accommodation means you will meet a number of new people, the moment you move in. Feel free to keep your room doors open for some time, go have a sit in the communal areas, chat with your flatmates, play games and share food, as they will also be just as eager as you to meet someone.

students chatting in Brunel University 1966 Coffee shop outdoor terrace

Chat with people in your course

Don’t be shy to say to strike up a conversation with your course mates in lectures, seminars, and labs. Having friends from the same course is also super beneficial in regard to discussing stuff you struggle to understand, doing group study, and catching up on a lecture you missed or revising together in a late-night study session before the exam.

group of Brunel volunteers

Do some voluntary work

Volunteering is not only one of the best ways to gain experience while studying but it also allows you to meet new people. You get to explore different areas to work in, get a sense of satisfaction in contributing to the local causes, add valuable experiences to your CV and also get to know other people with similar interests.

students chatting in Brunel park

Do not give up

Lastly, just do not panic or rush if you haven’t met your best friends yet. It’s a timely process, so just keep trying and don’t compare yourself with others. The sky is the limit; the more people you meet, the more you learn. Get out of your bubble, meet friends of friends, and don’t limit yourself to the first few people you’ve met. Wishing you all the best :)