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Top Tips for living with roommates

Posted: April 12 2021

Vasile, Artificial Intelligence MSc
Vasile, Artificial Intelligence MSc

As you are getting ready to move to the UK, there are several situations that might be making you excited.

Still, there is one that can be incredibly stressful and exciting, as many new students never lived with anyone else beyond their families, which is having roommates. I am here to tell you that you have nothing to be worried about and share with you some tips that might improve your experience!

Getting to know each other

Getting to know your roommates can be an important step in getting along with them and, in many cases, letting them know that you are open to interaction and friendship. As they might be experiencing the same thing as you, there is already something that you might have in common and will be able to help each other while getting to know each other better.

Students watching television in their accommodation at Brunel University London.

Setting boundaries

Don’t be afraid to set boundaries, and likewise, do not be offended if your roommates set boundaries. It’s only normal for roommates to disagree on things such as noise, cleaning, and personal space. It's really important to talk about these disagreements and to find a mutual solution.

Student studying in her room at Brunel University London.

Respect and Responsibilities

Through mutual respect and defining responsibilities, you’ll avoid conflicts and make sure that everyone is doing their part. Keeping tracking of whom does what might be the optimal course of action to prevent tension in the long run.

Students in the kitchen of their accommodation at Brunel University London.

Social interactions

With the ongoing circumstances of Covid-19, it is increasingly difficult to make friends and get to know people, as such interacting with your roommates might help fill the gap that has been created in the last year due to social distancing and thus having a more traditional University experience.

To sum it up, these can be stressful times; however, try to remember that it is likely that your roommates are going or have gone through the same thing as you. Try to be friendly and help each other as it can be less stressful with someone going through the same thing as you.