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Tips for future law students

Posted: November 15 2019

Kishan, Law
Kishan, Law

If you are thinking about studying Law at Brunel, then these are your top 5 tips!

1. Ensure you read around the areas you’re interested in and keep up with current affairs.

Many students won’t have any legal knowledge before starting a degree but that isn’t a problem. If you have a passion or interest in a certain area, such as human rights like me, then that can be your starting point! Keep engaged with the area of law by reading newspapers or reading online.

2. Get involved and be proactive!

Brunel has a wide variety of societies and clubs that you can join. As a law student, I thoroughly recommend joining the law society and getting involved with all they have to offer. Not only this, the law school have a wide range of projects and schemes you can join! This includes: The Athens Refugee Project, Volunteering at the Personal Support Unit Scheme, Pro Bono, Mooting and much more!

3. Keep up with your preparation and reading

Lectures and seminars are something you must attend. Seminar attendance is now being marked and makes up a percentage of your final grades so it is essential that you attend them! This will help you to keep up with the workload. Stick to a regime and ensure you prepare for your seminars!

4. Find some work experience and get it on your CV!

If you’re a first year student and fall under the Widening Participation student category, you can apply for summer internships. I did a 2 month summer internship with the Law Commission of England and Wales, where I gained invaluable experience with esteemed professionals.

5. Start searching for year-long placements in your area of interests

If you want to do the placement degree, then it’s never too early to start researching places you’d like to work for! I did a year-long placement in a law firm and worked in four departments, enabling me to have exposure to different areas of the law. This reinforced my career plans to be a solicitor in the future!

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